Friday, March 11, 2016

While I'm Away...

The Sarasota Half Marathon Relay race weekend officially starts tomorrow!!!! I'm heading out early with Niqui (my relay partner) and our wonderful offspring (the teenager and the toddler) for what I hope will be a fun-filled-great-weather-no-car-sickness Saturday and Sunday.

I know I haven't been passing the "Are you a good blogger" test over the past few weeks. I've been running I promise (a lot of "short" and "slow" runs); and doing a lot of strength training (mostly lower body and mainly squats); and trying hard to find time to sleep between a hectic work schedule and study schedule; and (of course) there are all the crazy random surprises that life decided to throw my way.

Anyway, I know this weekend will be busy so I will be M.I.A. (again) from posting. Instead of trying to do several mini-posts, I will be updating my Instagram account with "moment-by-amazing-moment" updates of my race weekend. I'm also going to try and stalk interview more runners so that I can add more posts to my @100runners IG page [I have the giveaway stuff ready to go but still need A LOT more runners before I can do anything with it :( ]

I promise to have a full race update posted early next week (hopefully by Monday, but realistically by Tuesday... or Wednesday) and will be back on the blogging band wagon with exciting updates and associated changes to my training plan and race calendar for the rest of the year :)

I hope you have an AMAZING weekend, whether you're racing, or doing a training run, or taking the weekend off to relax... make it a great one!

{weekend updates via IG: thisismyfaster & 100runners}

What are your weekend racing/running plans?

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