Thursday, July 14, 2016

Did You Run Today?

This morning I did a 45 minute out and back run. It's been a while since I've run for time (normally I set distance goals) but I really think having a mix of timed and distance runs adds a nice variety to my training...

As the countdown to the NY marathon continues I find myself analyzing my training a lot. There are 16 training weeks left before New York...

Sixteen weeks sounds like a lot of time but it's really not that much. The weeks are going to continue to fly by. And as they've been flying by I haven't been getting any more confident about how I feel this training cycle. I know I have a lot of work to do with my cross training (i.e. I need to do more some cross training). Strength training has been pretty non-existent recently also so that needs to change. And my running sessions have been ok

On the days that I don't run I've been told I get a "little" cranky. Kind of like the person in the Snickers commercials except in order to return me to a normal human being I need to run (and the run needs to be a good one). Needless to say I've been a "little" cranky a lot. I blame most of that on the humidity though. Summer training sucks so it's really hard to get motivated, or stay motivated. And it's definitely hard to have a good run when you're drenched in sweat after 3 minutes.

Fortunately I've been able to be a little active each day since the Amerithon Challenge started...
32 active miles so far this week! (from running, walking, indoor cycling)

Since I ran this morning I'm going to relax this evening (or maybe walk for a bit) and then head to the gym tomorrow morning for some low impact cardio. Saturday is my long run day this week and I'm scheduled to do 14 miles (fingers crossed) which will require an early morning start, and potentially modifying intervals depending on how hot it gets.

Next week I have to do some traveling so that will definitely impact how I train. My goal is to stick to my training plan as much as possible though so that will mean that I will: swim on Monday; run on Tuesday; do cardio/weights on Wednesday; run on Thursday; cardio/weights on Friday; swim on Saturday; and do my long run on Sunday. Well, at least that the plan. Experience has taught me to be flexible so as long as I get something done every day, and I run at least three times, and cross train on the other days, I'll be fine. 

Is anyone else training for a Fall full marathon? Which one and how is your training going?

How flexible are you with your training plan?

Do you run for time or distance or both?

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