Sunday, March 26, 2017

Soft or Sane?

Back in the day I would laugh in the face of rainy weather. I would say "Haha nice try Mother Nature but you can't stop me from running!" (in my I am invincible laughing voice). This morning I woke up to get ready for a group long run, saw that it was raining, and my first thought was "I just stopped coughing through the night", followed by "This is why I need a treadmill at home", followed by "I wish I could run on a treadmill" (for more than a mile and without getting dizzy). There were similar "should we cancel?" thoughts among the other group members because let's face it... nobody wants to start running in the rain.

We decided to push back the start time by 30 minutes and hope that the rain stopped by then. To be fair, it was a light rain. But I just started getting better and I really didn't want to relapse into all night coughing spasms. Then I started wondering... Have I gotten soft? What's a little rain right?
Plus, when you consider the rate at which I sweat, I normally look like I've run through heavy thunder storms. So whether the water comes from external or internal sources at the end of the day the result is the same: I'm soaking wet (well maybe not "soaking" but you get my point).

On the flip side maybe I'm just being more reasonable now and approaching my training and recovery with a certain element of sanity and common sense. But what are the odds of that?

As I headed out the door for the new group run start time, outside was wet but it wasn't raining. But then the rain started again lightly during my drive. In all likelihood the weather would have been fine for a run. The rain seemed to last for a few minutes and would then stop. However, I, in the spirit of sanity (and maybe a bit of softness) decided to skip the run and head to the gym. I just wasn't in the mood to get wet in the rain and really didn't want to risk it.

The gym was pretty empty when I got there (just how I like it)...

So I decided to do a Stairclimber workout...

And in honor of March 26th I climbed 326 floors...

Which is approximately 6.2 miles...

The rest of my morning was spent at Church...

And the rest of my day will be spent watching shows on Hulu... until later in the evening when I'll finally be able to do my daily run 😉.

Happy Sunday!

What's the longest Stairclimber workout you've done?

What time do you prefer to go to the gym to workout?


  1. That is a lot of stairs!! I never run in the rain... i need to get a little more hard core lol. Especially because I'm terrified it'll rain one day during a race and I won't know what to do LOL.

    1. I've had to deal with rain during a race. No matter how much "rain training" you get it still sucks lol


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