Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taking A "Sick Day"

I feel like how the actors look in the NyQuil/DayQuil commercials before they take the medicine. Except, in my case, even after I took NyQuil last night I still felt sick. I was up for most of the night coughing and as a result I was exhausted today. So I'm taking a "sick day". Not in the true sense of the term (since I went to work... and I ran... and I'm writing this post) but at the very least I'm keeping things simple today. So once I got home I did a quick one mile run...

And this is my short and sweet "keeping up with the blog streak" post to share it with you. And now I'm going to bed (well in a few minutes 😉). Before I go to sleep I wanted to share the information about the ZOOMA race series and my discount code again because it's not too late to register and there is a virtual option for the 10th anniversary Annapolis race...

The Annapolis event is on June 3rd, so if you wanted to fit in a half marathon before hell rises Summer starts, then this would be a great option. But if June is too soon or you would rather wait until Fall, there are other races to choose from as well 😊.  

I'm going to try and catch up on rest now. Hopefully this won't be me tonight...

How was your Thursday?

What medicine do you take when you're sick?


  1. Oh my goodness this is not a sick day at all! Get some rest and feel better!!

    1. Thank you! Going to try and take it easier tomorrow :)


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