Monday, March 13, 2017

Stay In The Mile...

I was so grateful to be able to run today. As excited as I am about what's in store this week, today was mentally draining. So I started my run with a "stay in the mile and enjoy the moment" mindset and I finished it thinking "run until you see sub-10"...

I'm still a bit away from my one mile PR, but hopefully I can get back there before May 20th this year...

Obligatory post-run selfie 😉...

I'm purposely keeping my mileage low/slow this week because I don't want a relapse of coughing spasms before I go on my mini-vacation this weekend. I'm going on a long awaited romantic getaway where the weekend doesn't revolve around a race or a work trip. Instead we get to spend time together in person rather than our usual M.O...
(😍 so excited!!! 😍)

Today I spent some time thinking about my running journey over the past year. I tend to do that a lot, especially when I'm thinking about the progress (or lack of) I've made. Last year this time I had just finished my first half marathon relay with my friend Niqui...
We did a road trip up to Sarasota with our kids and we had a great time running that event because it really is a beautiful race course. Niqui's portion of the race had the bridge (which she had to run twice) so I think I enjoyed my section more 😉. I'm kind of disappointed that I'm not doing Sarasota again this year, but I have enough race related travel for 2017. It's definitely a race worth running again though (maybe next year).

Since tomorrow is "Pi day" (which, by the way, I didn't know was a thing until today) my running group is doing 3.14 miles for our mid-week training run. I tried to convince them to start at 3:14am but nobody else thought that would be cool 😂.

How was your Monday?

Have you ever done a half marathon (or another race distance) relay? What was your team name?

What's your ideal romantic weekend getaway?


  1. 3.14 am hahahah. :) I really wanted to run Sarasota too but we have spent a lot of $ lately so DH doesn't want to spend he money on the race/ hotel. :( The romantic getaway sounds nice!!! I can't wait to hear about where you go!

    1. Have you run Sarasota before? It's worth it so hopefully you can do it next year if you haven't run it already. I've done it twice so far and had a great time both times :) In fact, that's where I got my half marathon PR ;)


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