Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Frozen moment and race day pics...

It feels like Winter is here bringing with it bitter sweet temperatures. I woke up this morning to temps in the 50s and light rain...

It took me an additional 15 minutes to start getting ready to run this morning because I was standing by my bedroom window silently screaming "WHY WHY WHY?!!!" It's bad enough to run in the rain but to run in the rain when it's cold is worse.

Disclaimer: I realize that I'm pretty spoilt when it comes to my ongoing complaints about weather. For a lot of runners temps in the 50s would be a welcomed relief. So to all those runners I apologize for my ranting. There is, however, available housing in Florida should you be so inclined...I'm just saying.

Anyway, I've been looking forward to this run all week so I figured I would run in the rainy drizzle and see how many miles I could do before it turned into a downpour. My mantra for this morning's run in "winter" weather was...

I was so focused on the rain when I was getting ready that I forgot my gloves (yes 50 degrees is glove weather) so my hands felt numb. Do you know how hard it is to hold your phone while running when you can't feel your fingers?

I also forgot my knee brace (again). The rational thing would have been to go back inside and put it on, but I knew if I went back inside where my warm welcoming bed was waiting for me it would have been even harder to convince my body to go back into the cold.

I decided to do an easy run today for my goal time of 45 minutes. After my 1 lap warm up (walking) around my complex I started my running session with 1:1 intervals (running without my brace can get tricky so I wanted to play it safe). I did 1:1s for 10 minutes and then increased to 2:1s for 20 minutes; and then 3:1s for the last 15 minutes.

Overall summary:

The Breakdown:

Somewhere in the middle of my run I stepped in a puddle of very cold rain water which resulted in one shoe and sock being soaked. I had a "wet foot dry foot" thing going on. It was not a fun feeling.

Post run pic...

I didn't do much of a cool down walk. Instead I did my recovery yoga "legs up the wall" pose. And then I did my sit up challenge (4 sets of 25).

I've been icing my knee on and off today (just in case I did some damage by not wearing my brace). Fortunately, I haven't felt much discomfort (well not much more than I normally do after I run with the brace) so that's a good sign. I'm making tiny steps in the right direction when it comes to running. It's like I was born to do just took me 33 years to figure that out ;)

The pictures from the Michelob Ultra Half Marathon are finally in! I made an effort to smile as much as I could along the course so, unlike the race pics from Chicago, I don't look like I'm dying. Highlighted in these photos is the fact that my feet travel in every direction except the one in which the rest of my body is going...

Happy Wednesday! Remember to Hug A Runner tomorrow (maybe stick with runners that you know... complete strangers might not appreciate random hugs).

How much would you pay for your race day photos? 

What's the most you've paid for race photos in the past?


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