Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Thought & Tangents...

6 Tangents for November 6th...but first, my Thursday Thought of the Day...
It's always good to have running friends. Those that you regularly hit the pavement (or trail) with, and those that you can talk to about running all the time (whether or not you actually run together). Runners "get each other" and in general have a underlying appreciation for each other's passion. Yes, some of us are more competitive than others. And yes, some of us are faster than others. But regardless of those differences there is that special "something" that exists when you have running friends in your life. 

Tangent #1:
I've been trying to convince my baby sister to come running with me when I go home to Jamaica for Christmas. The last time we ran together she said she was not going to run with me again (it could have something to do with the fact that I told her we were only doing 3 miles but I "accidentally" forgot to turn around and made her do 5 miles). Jule ran a lot in high school but she has always been a sprinter, so long distances are not her thing. Anyway, I was tired of getting the "run around" so I resorted to bribery and guilt...
The joys of being a big sister never end :) I also posted it on Instagram (and tagged her) so she won't back out ;)

Tangent #2
So my day started off like this....
It was just one carb craving after another today. 

Needless to say today was more of a Paleo 60/40 remix day. I was doing great until I went to an afternoon meeting at work and discovered these babies...
(so yummy!)

Tangent #3
I woke up this morning with every intention of going to the gym but my muscles were really sore and stiff. I decided that some quality time with my foam roller was probably a better plan than doing cardio or weights, and since I run tomorrow I felt ok with staying home. I don't want to run the risk of anything going wrong before my half this weekend...
So I did ALOT of foam rolling and stretching, and did a set of 55 sit-ups (trying to keep up with the challenge...actually trying to stay ahead of it). My ITBs are sore so I have been massaging the areas all day as well. It's T-minus 2.25 days until my half so I'm paying close attention to any areas that are sore or tight or painful (thankfully no pain so far). 

Tangent #4
I don't normally talk about my professional life on this blog, but I got a lot of well appreciated FB (and text message) love today from family, friends and some of the amazing nurses that I have worked with over the years because of this...
I am truly grateful for all the messages and kind words sent and said :)

Tangent #5
Bart Yasso has said this so well that there's no need for additional words or explanation. We are all REAL RUNNERS!

Tangent #6
My baby girl isn't feeling well...
I'm keeping a watchful eye over her to ensure that she feels better soon. Bad school cafeteria food = tummy pain and decreased appetite. She eats more than I do so when she doesn't want to eat I know she isn't feeling well :( 
Hopefully mint tea + an early bedtime = her feeling better tomorrow morning :)

What's your tangent thought for today?


  1. Congrats on your paper being published!

    Maranoia is REAL! I swear every little, tiny ache is probably a broken bone! haha

  2. Thanks Kristina!!! I have my own share of maranoia all the time :(
    Good Luck on Sunday! Hopefully we can meet up after!


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