Thursday, November 27, 2014

The 27 random things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving...

The holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) are the time of year when many of us reflect on the things that are truly important in life. This season of gratitude starts today (Thanksgiving Day...just in case you weren't sure) so, in keeping with the season (and everyday life), I'm thankful for all the "big stuff" like my family, friends, health, job  etc.
The "big stuff" things are obvious, so for this blog post I wanted to share with you the 27 (because today is the 27th) random things I'm also grateful for:

(in no particular order)...
1. My PR at the Ft Lauderdale half marathon
2. My running group (the Memorial Milers)
3. My Brooks sneakers (Adrenaline GTS 13s & 14s)
4. I only have 1 blister this week
5. People read my blog so I'm not "cyber talking to myself"
6. Running my first half marathon in Chicago
7. Sweet potatoes are Paleo
8. Ice packs for my knees after my run
9. The color purple. Not the book. Or the movie. The actual color.
10. My Hulu+ app (so I can keep up to date with my favorite shows)
11. Popcorn (it's my Paleo cheat snack)
12. Walgreens was open this morning
13. The 2.7 miles I ran this morning (before going to Walgreens)
14. The 450+ miles I've run so far this year
15. People follow my blog profile on Twitter, IG & FB (it might not be a lot of people but I'm glad I'm not the only one liking my posts)
16. Free energy chew samples from Runners Depot
17. My Runtastic app
18. The Lifeproof case on my iPhone (because I drop it so many times my phone would be in pieces without it)
19. My purple nail polish does a great job at covering up the toenails that are discolored.
20. Tupperware containers for Thanksgiving leftovers
21. People (other than myself) ate my thanksgiving sweet potato casserole (and liked it!)
22. Red wine
23. White wine
24. Running in humidity levels less than 70% and temps less less than 70 degrees
25. My calf compression sleeves
26. IcyHot & Tiger balm
27. All the people I have met/things that I have learnt through blogging

I had a great run today...

I made sweet potato casserole for the first time ever and it was a big hit!

And I had a great day with friends...

I hope your day was wonderful also!!!
What are some of the random things that you are grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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