Thursday, January 8, 2015

Testing the Limits of my Heart, Where Feet May Fail...

Today was a double workout session day. I didn't plan for it to be, but sometimes you need a way to release the tension of the day and drain your heart when it feels full...
I woke up early this morning and the weather outside was like this… I went to the gym to "warm up" on the upright bike for 30 minutes. Then I went back home and ran. My thoughts & heart were preoccupied with a friend of mine who is dealing with some family stuff so once I hit the START button on my Garmin watch I just kept running non-stop (for 30 minutes)...

(yes I'm wearing gloves in 55 degree fingers were soooo cold)

I felt less dizzy today (thankfully) but still not back to 100%. I decided to pay closer attention to my nutrition and hydration because stress causes me to make poor food choices (so yesterday was not my best "eat healthy" day). Today I made sure I had healthy, balanced meals, and I drank so much water that I'm pretty sure I tested the process of osmosis with every cell in my body.

And then because one run wasn't enough, I ran again after work...

Total mileage for today: 5.98 miles. This will be my last "double run" day for a while since I have to stay focused for my full marathon training this year (and running twice a day isn't the smartest way to train when done too often).

I had a great conversation with my running coach Lori Hart last night about the best way to plan for my marathon training this year. I've been worried (very worried) about not being ready for Chicago and even more worried about finding a way to train properly without doing too much too soon, or too much in general (i.e. "over training). It's my "Goldilocks" complex….my desire for not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of training J

So Coach Lori reminded me that:
1. Injury risk increases the more times you run each week (therefore aim for 3 solid running days and have quality running sessions on those days)
2. I shouldn't start training too early because of the risk for overuse injuries (therefore aim to ramp up my LR mileage approximately 12 weeks out)
3. I should always remember the importance of nutrition and hydration while training (therefore eat properly; don't overeat; drink water)
4. Cross training is essential (therefore stick with a structured cross training plan)

Once I got off the phone with my coach I immediately revised my training plan (again), incorporating the mileage progression as she recommended but allowing myself some "mileage wiggle room" in case I struggle when I get to 16+ miles. I usually need more recovery time than most runners but I will be training a lot smarter this time around than I did last year (pre-injury) so hopefully this plan will work well for me!
(Training plan version 16.3)

I'm excited to get started and the best thing about my plan is that it will still "kick off" with the Wings for Life World Run on May3rd! 
Until then I will be building my endurance and getting my body ready for when 10miles will be my "short" LR days J
Milepost quote by Dean Karnazes

The countdown for the Miami Half continues...

How often do your revise your training plan?
How cold was it during your run today?

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