Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Ten Tangential Thoughts...

1. There are times when you see a quote that accurately reflects your current state of affairs. Today this was mine...

2. I'm trying to compile a list of 15 new (running related) things I should try for 2015. At the top of my list is "Run a Full Marathon" but that's kind of an easy one since I was planning on doing that anyway. So I need ideas...let me know if there are any fun, safe, running related activities that you have tried recently (or in the past) that you think I should add to my list!

3. I previously registered for the ZOOMA Napa Valley Half Marathon (June 20th), but now I'm unable to go. The Zooma women's race series doesn't allow refunds, but they will allow me to transfer my bib to someone!!! Comment below and let me know if you are interested (when you share your suggestion from tangent thought #2) and I will randomly pick a "winner" and transfer my bib over to you!

4. Kaiyu's volleyball team won their game again today. It was a close call (the other team was very very good), but in the end they were able to win 2 of the 3 sets (matches?)...
I'm hoping they don't get over confident and lose focus. It's only middle school, but I'm a firm believer in being a humble athlete (I say this confidently as I stare at my shiny finisher medals so proudly displayed on my room's not boasting if everybody gets one right?)

5. Today is my sister-in-law's birthday (Happy Birthday Gail!!!!!!) so Kai and I went over there after the volleyball game for the usual birthday celebration extravaganza!!!!!
(no birthday celebration is complete without balloons...and no picture complete without my niece)

6. In keeping with her adoration of photography (primarily as the subject) Jule and I took an "aunties~niece" selfie with my niece...
(we took several pictures, but this was the one where my eyes looked the least "weird"...I'll tell you the story regarding my eyes later)

7. Today I came across so many cute/funny quotes on Facebook that brightened up my day (which I really really needed). This was one of the ones that made me laugh...

8. This picture and caption (also borrowed from Facebook) truly reflect my personality...

9. I'm eagerly awaiting the "big reveal" of the Miami Medals (hopefully they will get 1000 likes by tomorrow)...

10. The story regarding my eyes:
The other night at dinner my mom started telling Jule, Kaiyu and me a story about this issue I had with my eyes when I was a baby (age 2 or 3). Included in the story was the revelation that I had to wear an eye patch for 6 months. I was so sure that my twin sister was the one with eye problems (and not me) that I contested the story repeatedly (because somehow I rationalized that I would know more about what happened to me at age 2 than my own mother would). Anyway... my mom said "No LeAnne, you were the one with the eye patch. You only remember Sanya with it because she kept taking it off of you". Then she went on to say "You really needed it, you kept on tripping over paper lying on the floor". I looked at her blankly and said "Mommy, I still do that". The entire table erupted in laughter... and the sad thing is I'm really not joking. I trip on things all the time... and then look down quizzically at the imaginary item that nearly caused me to fall... sigh (#thestruggleisreal). So I've spent the past two days combing through pictures and looking at my eyes to see if they look weird. I have now developed a complex about my eyes. Oh joy.

What are some random things that happened to you today?

Please remember to comment with your suggestions about 15 new running related things I should try this year! And spread the word about the "giveaway" (aka bib transfer) for the ZOOMA Napa Valley Half Marathon to anyone you think might be interested!


  1. You have to wear princess costume while running in one of the Run Disney Races!!! I would looooove to see you getting pixie dust in mile five :)

    1. Nice one! Disney is definitely on my list! Maybe I can get in to the Wine and Dine this year :)

  2. I'm a new runner, so I really can't comment on new things (I like reading to see what new things *you* are doing), maybe trail running? I think there's a group that trail runs in Oleta River State Park. BTW, I'm going to be in Oakland on June 23rd, it would be kind of awesome to win entry into a half marathon. I live in Miami, so it's nice to learn about local-ish runners :)


    1. Thanks for commenting Mei! I'm keeping the option to comment open for a week and then I will post the "winner" in my blog next week (probably on Friday) so keep checking back! Trail running is a great idea! I've always wanted to try it but been a bit afraid to deal with lizards :( Today might be the year to get over that fear! It's definitely added to the list :)

  3. Thank you, LeAnne!



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