Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Takeover...

Yesterday I had a lot of fun taking over the Instagram page for That Indie Runner (@thatindierunner). The mission behind the takeover is to basically show "a day in the life" of the runner being featured, so I took a lot more pictures than I normally do and tried to capture my day in IG posts :)  If you're on IG you should check them out and check out all the other Indie Runners that have been featured as well.

Friday morning I ran a 5K non-stop. I'm still sticking to the plan to try and eliminate the intervals on my shorter runs. It was a negative split kind of day...
I've been getting some amazing running tips from my veteran and rookie running friends, and have been trying to incorporate different suggestions so that I can find the exact things that work for me....
Then, of course, I took some post run pics. I took a lot more than I normally do so that I would have a variety of options for the IG takeover posts (which really means that I took a video of myself doing a bunch of crazy things and saved the screen shots from the ones that would be least likely to keep me from running for government)...

(this is my "Yay! I finished my 5K" pose)
(my "I probably should be stretching so I can look like a serious runner" lost-in-thought pose)
(my "trying to balance long enough for the video to get at least 1 good shot" pose)
(my "please don't fall please don't fall please don't fall" pose)

Despite my increased obsession with pictures yesterday I had a very productive day at work. I took a few work selfies...
(you can see how closely I keep my stress relief hand lotion... for those days when "stressful" replaces the word "productive)

And once I left work I went to treat myself to my favorite food (the food menu at work was sad beyond words) and get my weekend started!!! My friday plans included heading to the Imporv for a comedy show. Once I got ready I asked Kai to "take a few pictures of me" which she interpreted as "Kai take some selfies". When I was finally able to get her to focus on the task at hand she came up with this...
(Kai with her "messy bun" and me with my "not a single strand of hair out of place" bun)

Once I got the phone back I tried out the timer feature on the camera and used that to take pictures. I have to confess that I took a lot of pictures. A LOT. And then I looked at all of them and the only one I really liked what this one...
(the one where I'm not smiling... go figure)

I read an article the other day that said...
(see the article and image source HERE)

So as much as I prefer white over red, I really think red wine needs to become a regular part of the "workout" routine ;)

How was your Friday?

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Are you a wine drinker? White or Red? or Both?


  1. Grrrrreat job on your run!!! You are doing amazing with eliminating intervals.

    1. Thank you! :)
      I'm trying to keep it up, but to do so safely. Tomorrow will be a 1mile:1minute 6 mile recovery run before I ramp up again to prepare for the Miami Beach half. Your full is coming up right? Are you getting excited????


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