Wednesday, August 5, 2015

84 Hours...

It took me 84 hours (approximately) before I was able to do any significant running after my 20 mile training run on Sunday. I tried to run for a bit yesterday evening after work but I was only able to do 1 mile. I ran "support-free" i.e. with no ankle or knee brace...
Which in hindsight was probably premature (as demonstrated by the need to stop after 1 mile)

Today I ran a 5K and felt a little better. I still have some residual pain and muscle soreness so I stretched a lot after. I ran with my friends Niqui and Maggie and we kept up a pretty decent sub-12 minute/mile pace (not super fast but we were glad we got the distance completed).

The week so far...
Unfortunately I may not be able to run again until Saturday. And I will probably have to split my long run between Saturday and Sunday (I'm aiming for a minimum of 5 miles each day). I will be away from my normal running spots so I'm hoping that I'll find a nice safe route to run and that the weather isn't too horrible...
(The forecast doesn't make me feel very optimistic though)

I haven't done much running or cross training this week, but I'm trying not to be too concerned with the amount of recovery time I've needed. After all, Sunday was my first 20 mile run + I fell + I have some chronic joint pain issues that I'm dealing with. I'm hoping this week will help me develop a strategic plan for my recovery process after my next 20 miler; and let me know what to expect for the big 26.2 in Chicago in October :)

How do you recover after super long runs?

Do you map out a running route before you travel or do you see where the road leads you once you get out and start your run?


  1. I usually get a good recovery meal in me and hydrate a lot. Then I later do stretching and foam rolling. If my muscles are particularly sore I use my heating pad on them.

    1. I've been doing my stretching and foam rolling too :) I think I need to factor in more rest days because I probably take more time to recover than other people do :(


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