Sunday, August 2, 2015

A First Time For Everything...

It takes a special kind of crazy commitment to get up at 1:30am to prepare for a 3am run (especially when you're not getting paid). But sure enough that's what I was doing at 1:30 this morning. I also wanted to give myself extra time to get ready because I wore my new compression running pants and didn't know how long it was going to take to squeeze myself into them...

The early mornings don't bother me because, as you probably already know, I would rather be running at 3am than dealing with the Summer heat and humidity later in the morning. And since the humidity seems prevalent regardless of the time of day, the only way to avoid battling both is to run before the sun starts blazing.

One of my regular running partners, Dion, mapped out a 10 mile loop, so the plan was to run the loop twice. We had our cars parked at (approximately) 5 mile intervals with a supply of water, ice and Gatorade. The logistics were planned out and the run started out fine. We did a short, but brisk, "warm up" walk and then headed out for the first 5 mile segment of the 20 mile run. And then right before mile 5 I fell...
[My very first fall while on a run :( ]

In the initial moments after I fell (while crying & holding my arm to my chest, and after I paused my Garmin) I thought I may have broken something. I contemplated stopping my run (just in case) but then I figured "stopping now won't un-break my hand so I might as well finish"...

It was at that moment when I realized I'd crossed over the threshold of "rational thinking" and into the realm of  "possibly lost her mind". But the intensity of the pain in my hand diminished over the course of the remaining 15 miles (likely because the intensity of the pain in both my ankles and feet and my left knee increased significantly).

Endurance-wise the run was great. I took walk breaks more often than I wanted to during the later miles because of the pain, but I completed all 20 in one piece (so to speak)...
[My FIRST 20 Miler!!!]

I feel great about starting off the month with this goal accomplished...

...even though my new running pants didn't fare as well as I would have liked
(I landed on my right knee also)

After my run I had breakfast and a shower, and then later I met up with my friend Diane for burgers (lunch) and coffee...

The rest of my evening was pretty relaxing...which means I watched a lot of Netflix, and I also spent time enjoying my new wall/door art...

On another note, one of my favorite bloggers (That Indie Runner) is celebrating Women & Running for the month of August, so if you have a chance you should check out his blog this month...
I did the sketch :)

How far did you run this weekend?

Have you ever fallen while on a run? 

Do you wear compression running pants or compression calf sleeves when you run?


  1. I fell while out on a run and got up and kept going. It was one of my best runs. I was distracted by my thoughts and trip on a crack in the pavement.

    1. I'm glad you were able to get up and keep going. A fall always sucks though :(
      I've had some "near falls" but this was the first time I actually had impact with the concrete ;)

  2. Congrats on the big 20! I fell once this winter and sprained my ankle on the snow and ice. But to be honest I have fallen on snow and ice more than I like to admit LOL. I'm glad you are OK. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm kind of surprised it didn't happen to me before to be honest. I sometimes trip over my own two feet (and then I look quizzically at the floor expecting something to be there ;)
      Glad your ankle sprain is all better :)

  3. Congrats on getting your fall out the way! I haven't had mine yet but I know its coming. I'm glad you're ok though and that you were able to pick up and keep running!

    1. Lol thank you :) I'm glad it's out of the way too.
      I hope yours never comes but if it does remember that how you fall matters :)

  4. I literally have like one or two awful falls a year when running.
    And I define "awful" as one that occurs in a very public setting (i.e. crosswalk of a major intersection at rush hour) and involves ripping of clothing and bleeding hahahaha.
    Its too bad your pants got a little rip in them : ( Makes you more badass in my eyes!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad your "awful" falls haven't derailed your running ;) As long as there are no broken bones I'm happy :)

  5. I think getting up at 1.30 am is a whole new level of commitment. I normally go to bed around 1 am..

    Yes, I won't run without compression socks or tights after tearing my calf last year. I've read a lot about them, in which no scientific evidence of their benefits have been found, other than every runner who uses them swears by them. I haven't had a calf injury since I started wearing them, so I definitely would recommend them..

    1. I normally wear the calf sleeves too, but trying the compression pants for my knees and my hip. I had to wear my knee brace also (but that's a chronic injury so I expected that). Glad your injury didn't keep you away from running :)


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