Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Week Behind & What Lies Ahead...

In the past week I've been to my Chiropractor three times and my Sports Medicine fellowship trained Orthopedic Surgeon once. They both have given me the "ok" to run (yay!). My Chiropractor said "just don't overdo it" and when I responded with a blank stare he clarified and said "start with 3 miles and slowly increase from there". My Sports Med doc said "no long runs". He didn't catch the blank stare so he offered no further clarification...but he did say I could run every other day.

In addition to mileage reductions I have to start "intense physical therapy" for my current injury diagnosis: Right Trochanteric Bursitis and IT Band Syndrome. That starts on Wednesday of this coming week. And there was also a change in my prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. Sigh. It sounds like a lot doesn't it?

I'm approaching this whole thing with renewed focus and determination. I will be running in the Chicago marathon this October. End. Of. Story. In keeping with my renewed focus I was trying to find motivating stories of marathon runners to keep me from getting discouraged and came across this one...

**If Fauja can do it at age 89, then I can do this at age 35 right?**

There are, of course, things I can't control (like my scoliosis), but there are a bunch of things that are very much within my realm of control like: strength training (which I also got the "ok" to do); proper nutrition (that's an ongoing thing); and non-impact cross training to improve my endurance (like swimming). And the new mileage limitations will necessitate some revisions to my training plan, but at least I'm cleared to run right?

Can I just say that if I had a dollar for every time I've had to revise my training plan so far this year I would be able to buy a new pair of running shoes...and maybe a nice top ;)

I have 6 weeks to go until Chicago so I have my work cut out for me if I'm going to cross the finish line in one piece. With that in mind I hit the gym this morning for some leg work on the weight machines...
(I did my warm up on the upright bike & cool down on the stair master, and did the entire circuit of leg machines in between)

Then it was time to collect my precious cargo...
She was all smiles until I asked her if she was ready to start school tomorrow ;)

This upcoming week will be a busy week getting back into the school/work routine and a crucial week in terms of marathon preparation. Please think positive thoughts for me! I need as much positive energy and prayers as I can get :)

How old were you when you ran your first full marathon? first half?

What's your favorite leg workout routine?

Anybody else dreading the back-to-school traffic we will be facing next week?

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