Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It could have been better...

Today was one of those "I really need to run after work" days. Thankfully that was on the agenda. Well, it was either that or drink wine so I figured running would probably be better. I decided to test out my running skirt today...

And went for a timed run with Niqui. The goal was 40 minutes...
That's a pace I haven't seen in a while :) 
Still more than I want it to be, but I'm getting accustomed to my new foot strike so I'm happy!!!

Post run selfie...
(blurry pic but it's the best I could do)

The run today could have been better (but then again it could have been so much worse). The top three things that went great:
1. I ran with Niqui and she is so much fun to run with! 
2. I did a lot better at maintaining my foot strike on my mid/forefoot
3. My ankle wasn't sore during or after my run (so far)

The top three things that could have been better:
1. It would have been great if the humidity wasn't so ridiculous... I think I lost 50% of my water weight within the first mile.
2. Insects find me. They find me and bite me, or sting me, or fly into my nose. I really could have done without that today.
3. I have two new blisters! The humidity is insane now and with it (along with the insects) comes blisters. Not fun :(

My running skirt did "OK"...
I'm not used to it so it was a little weird at first. I was really concerned about it riding up and revealing more of my legs than I intended to, but that ended up not being a problem at all. The skirt has little tights underneath which are really comfortable; but while the skirt doesn't ride up, the tights do. So I kept having to tug them back into place on my walk breaks which became a little annoying. I would never be able to run 26.2 miles in them so I think I will leave my running skirt for very short runs.

I'm happy that my form is getting better and I'm really excited about my Chi Running class on Thursday! The instructor emailed me today with additional information on what to bring and what to expect when I come to the class. The email mentioned that we wouldn't be doing too much running on Thursday, which means I may wake up and run on Friday morning (depending on how I feel) so that I can practice some of the things I learn on Thursday. 

I'm also paying attention to other runners and their form to help improve mine. I find myself looking at other runners as I am running/walking/driving past them and taking note of their foot strike, stride, lean, arm position etc. Am I the only one that does that? I learn so much from seeing how other runners are able to run more efficiently. I also have several friends with great running form; but even closer to home is Kai's amazing running form...
This is one talent that she clearly did not get from me ;)

On a completely unrelated note... I was packing up some stuff that my mom ordered and saw this...
LOL I love it!!!!! This is just the lid of the box, the mug is inside. I need like 5 of these ;)
(available at New Kingston Pharmacy soon!)

What's your favorite outfit to run in?

Do you (did you) watch other runners to try and improve your form?

Is it humid where you run? What do you think is worse: running in hot humid weather or freezing cold weather?


  1. I just had to return a really cute running skirt to REI for the very same reason, I loved the look but the spandex underneath just kept riding up like crazy and anything more than three miles would have drove me insane, so I went with a pair of Brooks shorts instead. I have never heard of ChiRunning I will have to look into them, I am sure my form could use a few adjustments as well.

    1. I'm definitely going to invest in some shorts also, especially with Summer around the corner (and Summer temperatures already showing their presence). I'll let you know how Chi Running goes :)


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