Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Wishes...

Wish # 1:
I hope this will always be true...
Running has become such a huge part of who am I. When I started in 2013 I initially just wanted to get through one marathon with my sister. But then I fell in love with the whole process and one marathon (still on the wish list) has become a bucket list filled with enough races to take me through the next decade or so... until I find more ;)

Wish #2:
Run in the evening with Niqui...
This run went by quickly because Niqui and I spent the entire time talking and laughing. It's great when your running partners can take your mind off your shin splints! ;)

Wish #3:
Maintain a decent pace...
Not bad. I really want to see that average pace go down, but right now my focus is on maintaining my form and solidifying my mid-foot/forefoot running gait (which I was able to do for the entire 4 miles.

Wish #4:
Enjoy the scenery...
The picture doesn't really capture how beautiful the sky was. I took this right after we finished running, and right before I walked into a swarm of bugs that wouldn't leave me alone :(

I have hill training scheduled for my second run of the week (on Friday evening) so tomorrow will be a gym day for me. My wish #5 is that I will get up early enough to swim all the laps I want to do while having the pool lane all to myself :)

How was your Wednesday workout?

Have you ever had an encounter with insects during your run?

Random survey:
Running (& all running related activities) takes up _____% of my time.
               - for me the answer is at least 50% (if I include all my cross training, planning, traveling for races, thinking about races etc)

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