Friday, April 17, 2015

My "issue" and the current state-of-affairs...

I broke into my piggy bank today. A while back I mentioned I had a piggy bank that I used to save for my full marathons. It started off as just one piggy bank for the Athens marathon trip because airline tickets to Greece are NOT cheap! But then I decided to start saving for Chicago too (mainly to facilitate my anticipated post-run food appetite and desire for an upgraded airline seat on the return flight home).
My Piggies...
Only one is an actual "piggy", the other is a "hippo"

However a few days ago I had this weird dream that my piggy banks caught on fire and I lost all my savings. In order to avoid seeing my savings go up in smoke I decided to open a dedicated "marathon savings account" with my credit union and keep the money there.

**DISCLAIMER: There are a few areas in my life where my selective OCD tends to shine. I use the term "selective" because my OCD doesn't apply to every aspect of my life (if you saw my closet you would understand). One area where it does apply, however, is with my finances. When it comes to budgeting and saving my OCD is like a humming bird that overdosed on caffeine ;) **

Part of my OCD is this weird "issue" I have with my savings accounts. I like the balance to be a "round number" which (according to LeAnne's Dictionary) is all numbers divisible by 5 (not just numbers that end in zero or "the product of a considerable number of comparatively small factors", as defined here). Because of this "issue" I tend to only make deposits to my savings accounts that are multiples of 5. Therefore if I had $22 to save I would only deposit $20 or wait until I found an additional $3. I know it's weird #dontjudgeme
For the longest time I have been aware of this "issue" but because it only relates to my personal savings account (and doesn't really affect anybody else) it's been no big deal. However, when I went to the credit union to open up the "marathon savings account" I realized how much of an "issue" this actually is for me.

As with most credit unions, all my accounts start the same, but each one ends in a different suffix number. At the end of the account opening process the lovely account manager said "Ok, the primary account number doesn't change, but the suffix for the new savings will be 16". I stood there frozen in front of her, for what seemed like an eternity, and contemplated how weird it would be for me to ask her to change the suffix to "15".

This is the point when my loved ones would probably want to stage an intervention. In fact, one of my best friends said that posting this might "generate some concern". But don't worry, I didn't verbalize my request out loud. I just fake smiled, said "Thank You" and walked away... (then I had 2 peanut butter and 1 oatmeal raisin cookie because I'm a stress eater).

I'm still feeling pretty sick today. This morning I reluctantly drove to "the corner of happy and healthy" aka Walgreens and stocked up on medicine...
This is a true testament that I am: a) Really feeling sick; and b) Serious about my training. 
Normally I would suffer through my symptoms for however long it would take to get better just to avoid the taste of cold medicine. But these symptoms are horrible, and I have Swim Miami on Sunday so I have to substitute being stubborn for being smart this time. Don't get too excited, it won't happen often ;)

In addition to stocking up on (and actually taking) medicine, I treated myself to a nice lunch today...
Caribbean Barbecue Chicken Flatbread (without cheese)

Butternut Squash Soup (without milk)

I didn't run today and (depending on how I feel) I may not run tomorrow morning. Swim Miami is one day away so I will be focusing on rest and cold symptom remedies until then :)

What's your favorite cold symptom remedy?

Do you have any OCD tendencies (even minor ones count!)

How do you save/budget for your races?


  1. Just so you don't feel too weird....

    If I'm reading a newspaper, I have to read the sections in order if they are numbered/labelled (e.g. JA Gleaner does A, B, C...) If they are out of order, I will rearrange first. If someone else has one of the sections, I stop when I get to that section and wait for the rest of it.

    It also drives me a little crazy to see cutlery all mixed up in a drawer. They have to be sorted by type, and size. Forks/spoons must be nested correctly.

    There are others I have started to get a handle on - I used to not be able to go to bed if a drawer or cupboard was open anywhere in my house (no, I'm not scared of monsters, lol), and I used to have to always start activities on "round times" i.e. on the hour, quarter hour or half hour, lol. That last one was definitely facilitating my procrastination. :-)

    1. I totally relate to the cutlery in the drawer! Except for me only the ones I eat with have to be neat and in their correct slot. The cooking and serving utensils can be all jumbled up and it doesn't bother me. It's so weird the way our minds fixate on these little things :)


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