Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunrise Run; Easter; Lunch and a Movie

I could barely sleep last night because I was so eager to run this morning! I had the same anxiety I normally have the night before a race, but luckily I didn't wake up feeling exhausted. I had several goals I wanted to conquer this morning:
1. Focus on my mid-foot/forefoot strike; &
2. Run 5 miles

The beach was crowded this morning as several churches held their Easter Sunday Sunrise services...

It was indeed a beautiful sunrise. The perfect backdrop for a morning run...

I stuck with my goal of focusing on not heel striking...

and completed the 5 miles I set out to do...

Post-run selfie...

I'm loving my new shoes!!!!

I was not physically exhausted at the end of the 5 miles, and I had absolutely no hip pain or knee pain (YAY!!!). I could have run more, and I would have, but my ankle started to feel sore around mile 4 (as you can probably tell based on the mile 4 pace) so I stopped when I reached the 5 mile goal...

I'm sure as my ankles get stronger they won't feel as sore, I'll be able to get through longer mileage runs, and I won't have to stop as much. You can see every time I stopped to walk or stopped to pause my Garmin and stretch/rotate my ankles...
I have a few exercises that I can do for ankle strength so I'm going to start incorporating them into my exercise regime from now on (in addition to continuing the exercises to strengthen my hips and knees).

After my run Kai and I went to church for the Easter Sunday service. Pre-church selfie...

And then in the afternoon Damian and I went to see Furious 7...

It was a busy Sunday and I can't believe a new work week starts already! I'm actually really excited about this week because I have a major meeting this week that I've been preparing for (and looking forward to). Hopefully all my planning and preparation will lead to a successful outcome :)

How was your Sunday? Any long runs or races?

What exercises do you do to strengthen your ankles?

Did you see Furious 7? What did you think?


  1. I do a lot of yoga to strengthen my ankles....seems to work well for me!

    1. Thanks Jaime! Are there any particular poses that work best for ankle strength?

  2. 8 miles done on Sunday. It was a challenge because it was my longest run alone, but now I know I can do it! I'm excited to see Drurious 7, but I'm not sure when I will have time:/

    1. Congrats! It's hard to do long solo runs when you're accustomed to running with other people. But it's good for mental training :) I do a mix of runs by myself and runs with others. Sometimes you need the company to distract you from the mileage, but at times it's nice just to be alone in your run :)


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