Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Saturday Runner's High Alternative...

(although it's not the same as a real Runner's High, it comes pretty darn close)

I went to the Runner's Depot store this morning determined to find a more suitable pair of shoes. I have been running in Brooks Adrenaline GTS models since I started running in 2013, but I think that I have out grown them. Initially I needed a lot of the stability and support that those shoes provide, but now that I am a more efficient trying to be a more efficient runner, I think I can transition out of those shoes and into something else. My love affair with running will hopefully last forever, but that doesn't restrict me to the same type of running shoes forever right?
When I got to Runner's Depot I got excellent undivided attention from the two representatives there. That was probably facilitated by the fact that I was the only customer in the store at that time. Anyway, I explained my general running gait issues, I described my injuries, I showed them my old shoes (so they could see the wear pattern on the soles), and I told them that I wanted to try the Newtons but wasn't sure if I could safely make the transition right away. The Runner's Depot (RD) guys were great! They explained all the different levels for the Newtons and the improvements with the new models that have 5 lugs so all metatarsals are supported (I love my metatarsals so full support is very important to me). They also explained that Newtons don't work for everybody, and there are other shoe options that are "midway" between the Adrenaline GTS type of shoe and the Newton type of shoe.

They did the gait analysis by asking me to walk barefoot. They had me do that a bunch of times because you can't really catch all the craziness that happens with my feet when I walk just by looking once :( They (gently) encouraged me to try and not heel strike so hard when I walk with a simple "Don't do that". I'm gonna work on it. Then they brought out the Brooks Pure Cadence 4 and I fell in love...

I'm no good on the treadmill doing a run test, so they allowed me to do a quick run on the sidewalk outside the store and both the sales reps and Kai commented that they "see an improvement already". Kai said that my feet look less wild and proceeded to demonstrate to the RD guys how I normally look when I run (yea, that was fun). Anyway, the shoes are much lighter and more comfortable than the Adrenalines (which the RD guys said were causing me to "over correct my gait" therefore putting more stress on other areas). So now I am the happy owner of a new pair of "more than just running shoes'...

Now that I have my shoes taken care of I have to plan for the next few things I will need before I start my full marathon training... like a bike pacer. It's going to be a while before I need a pacer because I think I can physically and mentally get through 15 miles without one. Maybe even 16. But as my mileage starts creeping up I know I will need someone to get me through the distance. Not just from a "keep me company so my negative thoughts of self doubt don't throw me off track" point-of-view, but also from a "someone to carry my water so I don't have to wear my hydration belt" and a "someone to call 911 just in case" point-of-view. I also need the person to pace me on a bicycle (as opposed to running beside me) because I don't want to slow anyone down, nor do I want to feel like I'm being slowed down. So I'm trying to convince my non-running friends to take up cycling for the Summer. You know, for their general health and wellness, but also because I need a pacer by June :) (it's a mutually beneficial decision I think).

Although my hip is not back to 100% I'm going to do a short run tomorrow. Initially my training plan had me scheduled to run 10 miles, but I know that's not wise or safe so I'm going to aim for 5 miles. And the beauty of my 5 mile plan is that I am willing to break it up into 1 mile increments. They will be slow steady miles because I will be focusing on my foot strike and form primarily, and because I never usually try to do any "fast" runs in brand new shoes. 

The rest of my Saturday was filled with typical errands with Kai. The weather already feels like we are in the height of Summer...
...which makes driving up and down trying to get errands done a bit annoying. 

And then once I was back at home I settled in to catch up on my favorite shows, eat, hydrate and rest for my run tomorrow. 

How was your Saturday?

Any Brooks Pure Cadence wearers? 

Who has a race this weekend?


  1. I wear Brooks ghost 6. I also need to go get another foot analysis done because it's been a few years. I need new shoes and love Brooks, but I'm not in love with the new ghost colors��. Definitely going to be looking at other options.

    1. Do you get the foot analysis done on the treadmill? or on the road/sidewalk etc? Yeah I've seen the ghost colors...not cute. If you're going to be paying the type of money we pay for running gear you might as well love them :)

    2. I haven't had it done in a few years, it's definitely time for me to do it again. we have a fleet feet sports store in the area that foes the analysis. I had it done on the treadmill last time and I heard they do it differently now. I will be finding out soon! I need new ones!

    3. Let me know what they do differently the next time you go :)

  2. Nice shoes! I have never worn Brooks shoes. I'm mostly a huge Newton fan. That has worked out well because Newtons are pretty expensive, but they are not for everyone, so people sell their shoes on Ebay with just a few miles on them and I pick them up for $50 or less! And I get 600-700 miles on each pair. Very affordable!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It's great that you are able to the the Newtons at such affordable prices! and that they last so long for you!! I have been switching my shoes out often because by the time I get to the 250-300 mile range the old aches and pains start flaring up again. I definitely change them before they reach the "danger" zone, but it ends up being pricy (not as expensive as physical therapy though).
      Which Newton model do you run in?

  3. The Newton Motion - mostly the previous version, which are orange and lime green. They are super bright which helps me find myself in a lot of race pictures actually! I ran in this years version today (which has 5 lugs on the bottom instead of the 4 they used to have) and I do like them, but they feel so light I'm wondering how they would do in a full marathon vs a half.

    1. Are the lighter shoes preferable for the longer distances? I've only run half marathons so far, but I assume you want lighter shoes right?


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