Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Madness...

Today called for an evening run...

The entire day was really stressful and so being able to run after work was nice. I did the minimum mileage required to keep my running streak alive...

It's only been 9 days but I'm beginning to think the mile is going to be my new favorite distance...
(I'm kidding 😉; right now my favorite distance is still the half marathon)

I'm a ZOOMA Ambassador again this year and I'm excited to announce that the Run Love Challenge is back!

The ZOOMA Run Love Virtual 5K/10K will take place on February 14th (you can give or take a few days according to your schedule), and training began today. It's not too late to sign up though! Registration ends on January 16th (next week Monday) so you have a few more days. 

If you want more info on what's involved and included you can check out the website HERE. You can also access the registration link through that website (which I'm sure you'll want to do once you see all the goodies you get when you sign up (hint: it's stuff to keep you warm and cozy!)

Also, because it's never to early to plan your race calendar, you should probably keep this on your radar from now: The 10th anniversary of the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon will be on June 3rd!  
If you register using my discount code (LEANNE2017) you can get 10% off! They also have a 10K and a 5K race (in case you don't want to do the half). 

There are lots of exciting things being planned for the 10th anniversary so I'm really looking forward to this event 😊. My very first half marathon was the ZOOMA Chicago half in 2014. I loved the event and all the amazing people that put it on. It was truly one of my favorite races. Not just because it was my first half marathon, and not just because it was in Chicago, but because that was the half marathon where my Dad flew up from Jamaica to surprised me the night before the race 😀 (he came to cheer me on so that I wouldn't be at the race alone)...
(I still keep an "unofficial" copy of this official race pic on my phone)

What was the most memorable part of your first half marathon (or full, or any other "favorite" race distance)?

Have you ever run a ZOOMA race before?

What's the longest running streak you've ever done?


  1. ZOOMA is a fun race! My body isn't made for streaking, but love watching everyone else rock it!

    1. Which ZOOMA did you do?
      I'm not sure my body is made for streaking either but going to see how long I can keep it up ;)


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