Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Surprise Visits & Hide and Seek...

Guess who came to visit me today???!!!
It's munchkin #2

And munchkin #1!

I had just finished my one mile run not too long before my brother and the munchkins came over...

So Day 24 of the running streak went well. I'm really starting to like these one mile evening runs because it helps me decompress from the day. The only real drawback is that I have to wait until after I run to eat (and sometimes that ends up being very late). 

In unrelated news... I haven't been doing much any strength training and now my muscles are playing hide and seek with me...
(They've actually been doing that for a while, but now they've gotten really good at hiding 🙈)

I know I need to get back into the gym but I'm going to wait until after my races this weekend to do any major weight training. It's race week and I have back to back races, so trying to push a strength training regimen now isn't practical or wise. But I really need to work on that starting next week. I actually need to work on both strength training AND cross training. 

In addition to figuring out training program improvements (and you know... working), I spent a lot of time thinking about, planning, and getting really excited about my travel for this year...

Do you have any big travel plans for 2017?

Do you follow The Awkward Yeti? (sometimes I think he creates his comics just to illustrate my life)

Do you eat before or after you run? (or both?)


  1. I'm want to go to Berlin to see you run! 😊
    And of course I follow The Awkward Yeti...why have an instagram account otherwise?! 😆

    1. YAY!!!!!! "Road Trip!" Well... not quite "road" but you know what I mean. The Awkward Yeti makes my day!


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