Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tangent Tuesday (version 1.31)

I've officially completed my longest running streak!!!!
31 days of running 😊

I'm also doing a 10 thousand steps a day challenge but unfortunately I haven't been as good with getting my steps in...
(the broken blue line represents all the days that I didn't have 10,000 steps... as you can see that was a lot 😞)

I may not have done well with the steps challenge but I'm really proud up myself for keeping up the running streak. I've made getting my run completed a priority so I just hope I can continue to do so for the rest of the year, especially on the days after my really long runs when my muscles are aching.

To close out the month I did a one mile run after work today...

During and after the run my right calf was feeling a little tight so I'm going to monitor that over the next few days. I may slow the pace a bit just to give my leg a break so I don't end up suffering from an injury...
I've been trying to do more stuff to enhance my blog home page and one of the things I started adding back is the badges for different websites I want to share with you guys. The first one up (which is actually a new badge) is for my brother's company: Binary Fashion...
If you scroll down (or up depending on the size of your computer screen)... on the right hand side... right above the "Labels" section, you will be able to click the logo and it will take you to his website 😀... 
(not visible on mobile devices)
He has a lot of shirts on there but my favorite one is the "Running is in my DNA" shirt...
(I'm secretly waiting for him to make me a Brand Ambassador so I can get a discount on all the shirts I want to buy 😉)
ZOOMA has gone virtual for their 10th Anniversary Annapolis event! 
As a ZOOMA Ambassador I get a discount code (which essentially means you get a discount code) for all their races... including the virtual options!!!
Because the race falls on the weekend before my daughter gets out of school, participating in the virtual option is more appealing for me (at least right now it is). But, I want to go to an actual ZOOMA race this year so I'm eagerly waiting to see what the other cities will be for 2017 😃. 

How was your training/running for January?

What are you hoping February will bring? (I'm working towards a faster half marathon time)

Have you ever run a ZOOMA race


  1. Great job on your streak!! I think the 10,000 steps thing is totally justifiable. :) This month I'm hoping to continue running a lot of miles while getting rid of this nagging pain in my hamstring lol. I'll have to check out your brother's site!

    1. Thanks! I'm sorry to hear about the hamstring pain :( Are you foam rolling and getting regular massages? That used to help me when I was dealing with hamstring issues. I hope it gets better soon!


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