Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Highlights from the past five days...

Today started with a quick session at the gym...

I'm going to aim for more cardio before and after strength training; and longer reps or increased sets for the weights (I only do light weights so increasing the reps and sets will be ok).

In addition to doing more cardio and weights in the gym, I'm trying to improve my swimming endurance in preparation for the April Swim Miami event. I went into the open water swim less than 100% prepared last year, and I want to avoid making some of the same mistakes this year. So I've been doing research to help me perfect my freestyle stroke...

and to learn more about the open water swimming process...

Today was a long day. Time seemed to drag slowly by, but while time was dragging a few exciting things happened. First, I finally got the discount code for the 2016 ZOOMA races!!! If you use the code: LEANNE16 you can get 10% off your race registration! You can check out all the 2016 races HERE

In addition to the discount code, the other big highlight today was the medal reveal for the 2016 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon!

This race has some of the best medals! Not only are they pretty, but they're shiny! And not only are they pretty and shiny but they SPIN!!!! It's like the Race Bling Trifecta!!! I absolutely love them and I can't wait to get the half marathon medal. That's right...I'm officially downgraded to the half...

I'm still in full training mode because even though I'm only doing half the distance I still feel less than half prepared. Tomorrow I'm probably going to swim for my cross training session, and then hopefully I will be able to run on Thursday. The weather is finally cold and should be perfect for running {I might actually need a long sleeve running top :)}. Then on Friday and Saturday I will alternate gym work with swimming; and on Sunday I'll run again. 

How do you map out your training schedule?
  1. A week at a time
  2. A month at a time
  3. For the whole year
  4. A 3-5 year plan
What's your favorite strength training leg machine/exercise?

Do you prefer pool swimming or open water swimming?


  1. I find swimming one of my least favourite workouts, I just seem so slow. I only go pool swimming, and spend most of the time trying to avoid crashing into people ..

    Those medals look really cool. I've never seen spinning medals before...

    1. Spinning medals are my favorite type! If they are shiny and they spin I'm in heaven :)
      I'm not fast in the pool either and I go to the gym really early so that I can swim in a lane by myself. If I have to share the lane I have the same issue :)


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