Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Four Things I Care About...

So apparently there was some mix up with the Power ball cause my winning numbers were not picked (so weird right?). Anyway, while I wait for them to resolve the issue and anonymously send me billions of dollars I decided to continue to go to work (you know, so I fill my days with something meaningful).

Before my 8 meaningful work hours I decided to run 8 meaningful miles...

I'm using the term "run" loosely because I was really dragging my feet the entire way. I tried to pick up the pace towards the end, but it was just destined to be a slow run...
Sometimes (despite Carl's advice) regardless of how much you channel your energy and focus, speed still alludes you...

I'm trying to pay closer attention to my eating and sleeping habits to see if changes in any of those areas directly correlate to my performance during training. Yesterday was not a great eating day because I was craving starchy food...
I saw this on IG on the @livesore account and thought it was soooo funny and completely accurate ;)

So the poor food choices yesterday probably had some impact. However I did get a pretty decent night's sleep (which by-the-way is only important to me now that I can track it with my Garmin Vivoactive watch)...

I really really really want to swim tomorrow and Saturday, and run again on Sunday. A lot of my friends are tapering in preparation for the full and half marathon next weekend. I, on the other hand, am trying to build up to 13 miles. So Sunday's run will be anywhere from 8-10 miles (depending on how my knee is feeling). The only goal I have for the Miami half is to finish it, which I am confident pretty confident I will be able to do. 

If you are not one of the three lucky Power ball winners... I hope you have a great work day!
If you ARE one of the three lucky Power ball winners... Congratulations! You probably don't need to go to work today... but if you do, have a great work day also!

If you won the lottery what are the first three things you would do?

Do you track your sleep cycle? How many hours of sleep do you get (on average)?

How do you taper for your half/full marathons? Is there a minimum or maximum distance you run the weekend before your race?


  1. Hi, there. I'm also found jogging and I use to play Swiss lotto. My approach is a follows: I thinks over the numbers I'm going to play while running. Sometime they come spontaneously during the run. From time to time I win.

    1. I'm definitely going to try that the next time and see if any numbers come to me :)
      I normally just do the random "quick pick" and have the computer generate numbers, but maybe the universe will send me some inspiration on my next run ;)


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