Sunday, December 21, 2014

A #Silent Night Sunday...

As you can see I'm still on my Christmas song/carol blogpost title kick. But today's post is going to have a bit of a twist since silent night implies that I shouldn't be "talking" in this post (which kinda defeats the purpose of posting doesn't it?) So instead I'm going to post my pics for today with a simple #hashtag intro :)












  1. Almond Nog Silk sounds awesome! I am doubtful I'll find it here in Nova Scotia though. That drives me bonkers when someone doesn't make sure they fit into their spot!! grr

  2. It was great! The frozen yogurt was better than the actual drink though (I've had both). We are "parking pet peeves" twins! I had to post that pic cause I knew so many people could relate to how absolutely annoying it is ;)

  3. I live in Utah and can't even fathom a day that has 90% humidity, and you were still able to run ten miles that's amazing!

  4. Thanks! Compared to the 100% humidity in the summer 90% is better (but not as great as running in Utah would be!!!!). Maybe one day I can plan for a Utah half marathon. Any suggestions to add to my bucket list?


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