Monday, December 8, 2014

Official Race Pictures are here!!!!!! (...and other Monday Madness)

The official race pictures from the EAU Palm Beach Half Marathon are here along with my updated finish time...***Spoiler Alert*** I shaved off 3 seconds!!!! (every second counts)

Pictures of random strangers my fellow runners at the start...

The photographers got the memo that I didn't take any pictures along the course so they graciously assigned a few random scenic shots to my bib number...

Welcome to "Sandi Land"...

The ever so glamorous "medal selfie"...

And last, but not least, a few on-the-course and at-the-finish pictures of me...
(see how focused I am?...really trying hard not to trip over my feet)

(I didn't see the photographer...)

(Still didn't see him... {Running with my eyes closed....that's what you call "talent"})

(Finally saw the photographer and managed to muster up enough energy to smile!)

(Trying to pause my Runtastic app)

(Still trying...)

(Making sure Runtastic is wasn't)

(The "I'm-so-glad-it's-over-but-I-still-can't-feel-my-toes" Finisher Pic!)

Official time: 02:37:51

and other Monday Madness...
I spent the entire day applying ice to various aching body parts. Currently being featured on the "Aches & Pains" list are: both feet; left knee; left hip; & right shoulder. never ends. At some point this week I need to start buying shares in whatever company manufactures ICYHOT since I single-handedly increased their profit margin this year. 

I'm on the hunt for 1-2 (more) half marathons to do next year. I'm registered for 3 already (January 25th; March 1st; & June 20th). My goal for 2015 is to do 4-5 half marathons plus my full marathon (which is in October). I'm trying to decide if I should do the Disney Wine & Dine 1/2 (in November), or try and make it to the Reggae 1/2 Marathon (in December)...or both??? A lot will depend on if I finally win the FL Power Ball lottery (which will depend on me buying a ticket).

I don't run again until Thursday (with a potential "30 minute walk session" on Wednesday depending on how my legs are feeling). Tomorrow I need to rejuvenate my core workout in preparation for January (I really need to have better form before I do my next half marathon). 

What's on your 2015 Race Calendar?


  1. Nice post! I am up in Central Florida! I plan on starting 2015 with Zooma Florida in Amelia Island. You should come on up!

  2. I love the Zooma race series! That's a great way to kick of 2015 :) My first half was with them in Chicago (August this year). Unfortunately the one in Amelia Island is the weekend before my half down here in Miami :( so I won't be able to make that one. I hope you have a great run when you do it!


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