Saturday, December 20, 2014

Do you hear what I hear?

In keeping with my ever increasing Christmas spirit I think my blog post titles should reference some of my favorite Christmas songs & carols. It's gonna be my new thing (well until I run out of applicable references or until the holiday season is over).

I woke up this morning way too early thanks to my neighbors and their early morning airport run (I only know that because they were that loud at 5 am). It's hard to find energy to smile when you're sleep deprived so this is my "I really shouldn't be up this early" look...

Eventually (around 7am) I got up because it was too beautiful a day to spend "awake" hours in bed. And while I waited for my "I'm not a morning person" daughter to wake up I had my "choosy mom" breakfast...

The "Diana Ross" twins eventually emerged...
(Kai and Sarai)
The "twins" hung out for a bit and then I took them to the movies to see Annie. Then Kai and I ventured into the war zone that is the local mall to return an item I purchased yesterday and try and finish Christmas shopping. We didn't finish, but the only person who has gift items pending is Kai and I know exactly what to get her at Runner's Depot (so I will be able to check that off my list tomorrow... hopefully). 

I was going to start packing tonight but when I visualized the current state of affairs I knew packing would take a few hours...

Today I also spent some time mapping out my run for tomorrow morning. I've done a 10+ mile route around my neighborhood several times in the past, but it has been quite a few months so I wanted to refresh my memory. I drove a portion of the route today to determine the mileage distance of my "loop". And tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I will be able to start out early and get my run completed before it gets too hot. 

How was your Saturday? Did anyone else spend the day shopping?
Anyone running in a Jingle Bell Jog tomorrow? (my running group is participating in one...Good Luck Memorial Milers!!!!)

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