Friday, September 12, 2014

A ton of bricks and pistachio treats...

I woke up this morning and felt more exhausted than I did last night. Every muscle fiber hurt. What does it mean when you wake up and feel like there are a ton of bricks lying on top of you? means your body is tired, and you need to take a rest day. So that's what I did.

It just so happened that Mother Nature agreed with me since she sent steady rainfall for hours this morning. I'm not going to argue with Mother Nature cause that would be so very disrespectful, right? I felt comfortable with my decision and didn't feel a moment of guilt until I saw this...
great. juuuust great.

ANYWAY...The late night of helping Kaiyu with homework yesterday morphed into an early morning of helping Kai with the rest of her homework (taking all advanced classes (two of which are high school courses) is no joke in 8th grade!). Anyway so all the busyness this morning led to...
(this is me running late for work. Very late!)

I did manage to complete my wall sit challenge for today...
Yea baby! 120 seconds done :)

So, even though reaching my goal for today's wall sit challenge was great, the highlight of my day was actually this...
I LOVE pistachio cake, pistachio cup cakes, pistachio muffins.....actual pistachios. Each slice tasted amazing (I only had 2....trying to maintain some self control).

I was invited to join in on a Life in Pictures bloggers linkup...
which basically is what it sounds like...a blog post made up of mostly pictures to describe your day. It actually started today (but I wasn't in a picture mood today so I'm going to do it tomorrow).

So my Saturday blog will be primarily pictures, which will be interesting since my phone camera can sometimes suck (you have been warned). But it sounded like a fun idea so I'm going to try it :)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday! I'm soooooo glad the weekend is here!

What are your weekend plans?

Any other bloggers doing the LiP linkup?

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