Saturday, September 27, 2014

Challenges, Chi Running, and other Saturday activities

Last night I attended a "sleepover" in Kai's room. First we stayed up watching some of our favorite Fall season shows on Hulu+ (Chicago Fire, Chicago PD etc) and then had a spirited conversation about "mattress comfort levels". To test her theory we fell asleep in her room and I woke up this morning well rested....and well after 7am!

I had a meeting at 9am so I had to forgo the gym today but I didn't neglect my wall sit challenge...
It's getting harder and harder to complete the challenge. Ultimately I want to be to do a full 5 minutes without trembling legs and a heart rate bordering on a potential 911 call (I'm creating a plan for that for next month).

I did a few sets of sit ups and one plank set for a little over a minute (nothing to get excited about). October is going to be the "30 day plank challenge + improved wall sit performance challenge" month.

Today was busy with one activity after another, starting with a 9am meeting at a local nursing school that I teach for occasionally...
(I never like my id photos)

Then Kai and I went to a Chi Running class for my running group at Runner's Depot...
I'm going to try and incorporate some of the techniques when I run tomorrow with my running group. The great thing is that members of the running group seem interested in learning the concepts and incorporating them, so hopefully we can all remind each other as we go along.

I took Kai to lunch at FROOTS (love this place!) and had a tuna on spinach wrap with a topical mango smoothie. You can also see Kai's Hickory Chicken wrap in the back...

Then I dropped Kai at my brother and sister-in-law's house and headed to work. Day 13-in-a-row...

After work I enjoyed a mini "me time" session that took me on a trip to the meet up location for the running group tomorrow. It was a whole lot easier to find in daylight so (now that I have a few visual reference points) hopefully I can find it again tomorrow morning. Then I treated myself to some Chick-Fil-A for dinner (their dipping sauces are the absolute best!)

I'm looking forward to enjoying a few hours of relaxing entertainment before I go and get Kaiyu and hopefully I will be able to go to bed early.

What was the best part of your Saturday?

Important tangent question: What is the longest LR you run on your half marathon and/or full marathon training plan?

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