Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday M.A.D.D.ness!!!

Today was the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) 5K, which I incorporated into my 10 mile training run. There was a lot of support for the event this morning. I even saw some of my friends from my running group and friends from work. But I ran for a different team today...

I decided to start my run earlier than the event so that I could get a few miles in before it started to get too hot and too humid. So I did 3.6 miles before the 5K start, then ran the 5K...

and then finished up my run to complete 10 miles...

I got a nice surprise at the end of the 5K race portion of my run...
I didn't know they decided to give out medals so I was excited!!!

Post run selfie...

My friend Giselle was a major part of the planning committee for the M.A.D.D. 5K events...

Once I got home and took a shower I wrapped my ankle with the cool wrap I got in my StrideBox last week...

Between the KT tape and the ankle sleeve I think my left ankle got enough stability and support for today's run. I also used a sleeve on my right ankle so both my ankles feel ok right now. Only my feet hurt because of the development of new and exacerbation of existing blisters. So currently I have blister bandaids applied to the very very painful blisters on both my feet (I don't think I used enough of the foot powder from the StrideBox. Once the blisters heal I'll try it again).

So this is the end of my "down time". My full marathon training officially starts on May 1st (this coming Friday) so I'll be doing a progression training routine this week.
Here's the current plan:
Monday: Swim/Weights
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Swim/Weights
Thursday morning: Weights/Swim (to be determined by Wednesday's routine)
Thursday evening: Chi Running class
Friday morning (May 1st): Run
Saturday: Swim/Yoga
Sunday: Wings for Life World Run

How was your Sunday?

Did you run or rest today?

How do you get rid of or prevent blisters?

*For more information on the M.A.D.D program click HERE
**For more information on the team I ran with click HERE
***This post was not sponsored by either organization***


  1. Sounds like a good event. Thank goodness for all these products that can help hold injuries at bay!

    1. Yeah it was fun. I think I would have enjoyed the festivities more if I was only doing the 5K, but once I ran through the finish line I handed off my medal to a friend of mine and kept running lol ;)
      I'm glad there are a variety of things for me to try for my injury prevention. I would rather not have to deal with any injuries at all but that's not my luck :)

  2. That sounds so fun! I love races like that! I have been resting since my last leg Saturday but today I plan on going for a Run/Hike up Mill Creek!

    1. Have a good run! I hope the weather is less hot and humid than it is here ;)


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