Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This Isn't A Sprint...

To be honest nothing in my life qualifies as a "sprint". Not any of the running I've done so far, and certainly not my swimming. Swimming for me is less about speed and more about relaxation and endurance. The only way I look "fast" in the pool is in a time-lapse video...

This morning I did 48 lengths of the 25m pool (3/4 mile) at a relatively even (albeit slow) methodical pace. It felt good to be back in the pool. I always feel like that when I swim. Even though it's the hardest thing to get out of bed at 3am to go swimming, once I'm in the water, and my body is acclimated to the temperature, I tune out the world and just relax.

I was alone in the pool for the first half of my workout (just the way I like it) and then someone started a solo Aqua Aerobics session in the lane beside me. And right as I was wrapping up my laps another swimmer came in. I only had 2 more lengths to go so I finished them quickly and let him have the lane. It wasn't crowded but it's so much nicer when you have the lane to yourself...

...especially when you swim as slowly & methodically as I do.

Because I was up so early when I got back home I had enough time to shower AND take a "nap" before I actually had to get ready for work. Had I thought about the most efficient utilization of my time I would have done some of my physical therapy exercises until my "get ready for work" alarm went off. But I didn't think about efficiency. I thought about my bed, and sleep, and how much I wanted to be asleep in my bed...
(that's me pretending to sleep... no one actually takes pictures of me sleeping at 5am. Hopefully)

I did a lot better with hydration today but my legs are still sore. I don't run again until tomorrow evening so hopefully they will feel much better by then. I hate going into a running session with already sore muscles from a previous run. But, at the same time, I know that it will take a while for my legs to get accustomed to a new running gait, which means it might take longer to recover between runs. It helps that I have the month of April to settle into it before full marathon training starts in May. Plus, as of next week I will start my Chi Running class so that will should help improve my running efficiency (if what's advertised is actually true).

In four days Kai will be turning 14! I was looking through pictures today and came across a few from when she was younger. Sometimes I wish I could go back and pause these moments for a little. Six year old "problems" are so much easier than teenager problems ;)

Time goes by so fast :(

What was your workout routine today? Cross training or running (or both)?

What's your favorite swimming stroke? What's your least favorite?
         - my favorite is (currently): breaststroke (but it used to be freestyle)
         - my least favorite is: butterfly (mainly cause I look like I'm drowning when I do it)

Do you prefer to swim fast and pack in an intense cardio workout, or swim slowly and take a more relaxed approach?


  1. I actually do not know how to swim. It's pretty hard for me to admit that I am a 30 year old who cannot swim. It's kind of always been a goal of mine to learn, but no one really offers adult swim lessons here.
    I think I'll stick to my slow running for now:)

    1. If you ever decide to learn the YMCA does adult classes here so if there is one close by you it might be worth checking out. It's a great way for me to cross training but i know it's not for everyone. What are your favorite cross training exercises?

  2. Usually I will use a bike at the gym for cross training. My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting bikes to ride around the city but that's in the future. I should check out the Y. Thanks for the tip!


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