Monday, April 20, 2015

Yoga Monday version 4.20

First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the Boston Marathon finishers!!!! I didn't get to watch the live streaming of the event but I did see a few of the highlights on various social media outlets throughout the day. I know this marathon was a "bucket list" event for a lot of runners and I'm glad that they were able to complete the journey...

I focused on yoga today for my typical "Yoga Monday" session. My muscles are a bit sore from yesterday's swim. And although the soreness is mild and tolerable I was really looking forward to doing yoga today. I spent some time working my way through a variety of yoga poses and physical therapy exercises...

I've also spent some time practicing the Chi Running drills I learnt last week Thursday during my first day of class. I'm still not getting the hang of the Chi Running style but I'm practicing. I've been sick recently and my left ankle has been slightly sore so that has kept me from doing a lot of running; but at least I've been able to get the Chi Running drills done. Today I might have overdone it a bit because the soreness level escalated beyond "mildly bothersome" so I wrapped up my ankle and am resting it for the rest of the evening...

Did you (or anyone you know) run Boston today?

How was your Monday workout?

What's your favorite yoga pose?


  1. I think I need to make a Yoga Monday or something like that, I dedicate so many days a week to running and often my yoga get's neglected. My favorite yoga pose is Crow pose, mainly because arm balances are really hard for me and I am just beginning to get the hang of this pose. I did a fun trail run with a friend Monday!

  2. I've found that making it the day after my LR day makes it easier for me to stick with it. My yoga poses are pretty basic... not able to do any fancy stuff yet but hopefully I will get there soon. Going to take a few actual classes in the Summer once my daughter is out of school :)
    Glad you had a great run!


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