Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Year of the Full: Chapter Four...Let the Celebrations Begin!!!

April is Kaiyu's birthday month! Let the celebrations begin!!! We are 10 days away from her birthday (using my traditional countdown system... i.e. not including today and not including the actual birthday) and normally all birthday celebration plans would be set by now, but she is still undecided about what she wants to do. It's partially my fault (I vetoed some of her initial ideas), but we should know what the plans are by this weekend. Hopefully.

April is a pretty busy month overall...
12th: Kai's Birthday (I can't believe she'll be 14!!!!!)
16th: Chi Running Class (1/3... can't wait to get started!)
19th: Swim Miami (still not ready for this event)
21st: Anniversary (9 years and counting...)
23rd: Chi Running Class (2/3)
26th: MADD 5K (I was asked to run & represent a company that I consult for; pending registration)
30th: Chi Running Class (3/3)

I'm still "resting" so I didn't run today, but I did wake up and do some more physical therapy exercises this morning. I have not been motivated to go to the gym and swim. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to prepare for Swim Miami (which is in 17 days as determined by my countdown system). Although I have done a one mile swim before... it was in a pool... and it was several months ago. I'm 98% sure that I will make it through the event ok; and equally confident that I might be the last one to finish ;)
My work day was a deviation from my normal routine as well. I traveled to my first "home" as a nurse for a meeting with some of my favorite people. Since we don't get together often (and we happened to be celebrating Samantha's birthday) a post-meeting birthday lunch was definitely in order...

Lunch was amazing!!!
(I had everything except the rice...and garnish)

After work I did more PT exercises...

...and some sit-ups/crunches to help strengthen my core...

And the rest of my evening will be spent doing my taxes (fun).

What exciting events do you have coming up this month?

What was your favorite meal today?

Have you ever done open water swimming? Did you like it?

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