Thursday, March 26, 2015

Double Runs and Breaking News

My entire running schedule has been a bit off because of my recent trip home. I'm not complaining (just stating a fact) because I was home for my sister's wedding and I wouldn't miss that for anything in the world. I also refrain from complaints because I was able to run with friends in Jamaica and I have fallen in love with running at home. The camaraderie is great, the change in atmosphere enhances my training, and the hill work is as amazing as it is challenging & painful.

This morning (back in Florida) I ran a training 5K and tried to channel some of the energy and camaraderie that I felt during my JA training runs. I ended up with a pretty decent pace for my non-stop 5K run...

Post run pic...

I also took Kai running this evening after work. We met up with some of my running friends and their kids and joined them for a Thursday evening 2 mile run (some of us did more; some of us did less)...

Post evening run pic...

I saw a beautiful sunset during my cool down walk after my run...
It's been a while since I've been able to truly appreciate the sunrise or sunset on a run so this was really nice

I still can't say I prefer running in the evening, but due to scheduling issues I will have quite a few mid-week evening runs coming up in the next few weeks. My long runs will definitely be in the morning though (I can't imagine running 18+ miles in the evening after being up all day). My biggest challenge will be staying motivated during evening runs so that my training and effort don't fall short. Training in general will require my own self-determination...

Apart from my double running sessions today and my usual work activities, I spent time trying to get this situation rectified...
My phone fell when I was back home and even though I had it in a case it wasn't nearly as protective as the one in this picture.

Since I've come back from my trip I have been trying to figure out the fastest (and most economical) way to get it fixed. I did my due diligence and called my cell phone company and started the whole online claim process for a replacement phone. But I stopped when I saw the insurance deductible (which was ridiculously high). I ended up taking it to a local store for the company It was the best decision I ever made... well that and investing in an appropriate case that will now provide complete phone protection.  

And in other Breaking News... The Ragnar Relay for the Miami to the Florida Keys race sold out within hours today. Registration was at 100% capacity by approximately 10am EST and missing from the list of registrants was the team I'm a member of. So sadly the 2016 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay is off my list, but I'm trying to see if I can join a team for another location this year. It has to be early enough so that it doesn't affect my training, or after the Chicago marathon in October. We'll see. In the meantime some of the members of the team have decided to stay connected and complete a few training runs (and possibly races) together in preparation for Ragnar 2017 and other upcoming events. Hopefully by 2017 we will find the additional members we need and can register as soon as the race opens :)

How has your training been so far this week?

How early in the morning do you start your training runs when you have to complete 18+ miles?

What Ragnar Relay locations have you run? 


  1. We're finally in taper mode for our upcoming marathon, the Blue Ridge Marathon. Typically our training during the week starts as early as 4:00 am. Yeah, I know...we're nuts.

    1. 4am sounds about right :)
      That's the time I was thinking I would need to start to avoid some of the heat and humidity that permeates the Summers in Florida. The problem is I don't have anyone to run with at 4am at my usual running spot so I may need to change locations (and possibly days) for my long runs over the summer.
      Good Luck on the Blue Ridge Marathon!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great time and do really well :)

  2. Wow, that was a quick sellout for Ragnar Florida. It is amazing how popular running has become and how difficult it is to get into races now. The runDisney races seem to sell out in minutes. This training cycle, I am starting late for my long runs because my Boston Marathon wave does not start until 11:15. I need practice since I am early morning runner!

    1. That's a really good strategy for your long runs! I have no idea what time my Chicago wave will start but I am sure they will have more information posted closer to the date.

      Race Registration is definitely becoming more challenging for the popular races. Disney and Ragnar are good examples of that. I think I will need to find a Ragnar race location that isn't as popular (some are still open for 2015)

  3. I'm an evening runner through and through. I know I'm in the minority, but something about it just clicks for me. Honestly, I envy all you girls who can go and knock it out first thing because I feel like it kind of looms over me until I do.

    1. I definitely prefer my morning runs. But as long as evening runs work for you then that's great! I have a friend that loves to run late at night (under the cover of darkness). I've run with her a few times and she is really in her element during that time (while I'm practically dying beside her). What happens if you can't get the run in? Do you just push it to the next day? With my morning running sessions if anything happens then I have the evening as my back up ;)


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