Thursday, March 5, 2015

The desires of my heart...

Today seemed as good a day as any to post the next segment of the 10 Day YOU challenge (which has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to finish). I think I have "TBS" (tangential blogging syndrome). Anyway, I'm finally at "2" so it's all about the two things that I want...

I'm going to make this completely materialistic. I could spend a lot of time talking about wanting to be a stronger, faster, injury-free runner etc etc, but I talk about that stuff often enough already. Instead I'm going to talk about the top two things on my running "wish list", which I update regularly in case my family or friends decide to buy me random gifts. Surprisingly that hardly ever happens, although my twin sister & brother-in-law did give me a random "I'm so proud of you for sticking with the running" Amazon gift card once. Sooooo just in case anyone else so inclined is reading this post, here goes....

#1 Redfox Edge Wireless Headphones:
I'm a little very clumsy when it comes to my current earbuds. Somehow they always seem to get twisted and tangled in something and I end up trying to free myself from the "earbud wire web". The wireless headphones (when I see other runners with them) look so cool! The biggest challenge for me (and thus what is preventing me from purchasing them) is that the good quality ones (like the Redfox Edge) are so expensive. While I can justify spending money like that on shoes and braces etc to keep me safe(r) while running, I just can't bring myself to fork over $120 for a pair of headphones :(  Now that I think about it I could just run with my phone attached to my running tights instead of holding it in my hand (I can't wear the arm band for too long cause it gets annoying).

#2 CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Running Tights:
I saw these pants when I first started running in 2013. The technology seemed impressive then and it's still impressive to me now. I actually saw a girl wearing them after the Miami Beach half and asked her for the brand info so I could add it to my wish list. I should have asked her if they work (that would have been smart right?), but after 13+ miles (and a PR!!! [I can't say that enough]) I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm hoping that they will help keep my joints aligned the way they should be & help minimize my injury risk (and some of the knee and hip pain I feel after really long runs). This is another expensive item though :(

Eventually I'll save up and get my 2 wants (or you know...convince someone to get them for me). Until that day I will keep them on my wish list.

I had a pretty good day today. I've been measuring the success of my day based on how I feel about my lunch options at work. Today was a 10 because I had teriyaki salmon, broccoli and rice. I tried to take a glamorous picture of my lunch but it's kinda hard to make anything look glamorous when it's served on a styrofoam plate...

The majority of my day was spent in meetings or in my office trying to complete all the things I want to finish taking care of before I start my new job.
Glued in front of the computer...

Tomorrow is a running day for me! I'm not going to focus on a distance goal, but hopefully I will be able to run for at least 30 minutes.

Have you (or anyone you know) used the cwx compression pants? Do they work?

Wireless headphone yay or nay?

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