Monday, March 9, 2015

Double Whammy!!

It's Race Week!!!! and its Yoga Monday!!!!  
I'm kidding. I'm not really sure that qualifies as a "drops the mic" moment. Oh well, I'm excited anyway!!!

The countdown has begun for the Sarasota Half Marathon! We are at T-minus 5 days (not including today and race day). There will be a lot of "countdowns" and "race weeks" this year because I'm still planning on running 15 races in 2015 (in addition to trying 15 new things). I'm excited about Sarasota but I also feel exhausted. The year has been pretty busy so far between races and work obligations and family obligations etc. So while I'm looking forward to the half this weekend and securing my Category 5 medal, I'm also glad this is the final race in the...

After Sarasota things will kind of slow down. Kind of. I will have to increase my swimming sessions in order to prepare for Swim Miami in April, but that's the only race I have that month. And then of course my full marathon training starts in May. Ok, so maybe things don't really slow down that much. But as long as I pace myself I think I will be fine. The goal is to stay injury-free and not get burnt out.

Today was a rest day and a yoga day. I kept my yoga session short today because Kai and I had a "popcorn and TV" mommy-daughter date...

I finally caved (thanks to a "3 for 1" discount and friendly encouragement) and got some of the race day pictures from the #MiamiFamous Half Marathon! And then I spent most of my free time today reliving the weekend while scrolling through race day photos. Two of my favorites...

How was your Monday?

How do you balance your race schedule? Do you space out your events or have a set amount that you do each month?

Do you buy your race day photos?


  1. Great pics! I usually don't buy mine; they're usually not that great.

    1. Thanks Jaime! :) Yeah if I didn't like these I probably wouldn't have gotten them. This is the first race that I've bought the race photos. If I don't get them for free I usually just save a watermarked copy for myself :)

  2. Great pictures! I can't imagine doing that much racing anymore. When I was younger maybe :-). These days I couldn't afford it anyway. Races = Too expensive.

    1. Thanks Debbie! I admit it is a pretty hectic schedule. Next year is less insane...but probably equally expensive (or more) since that's the year I want to do the Athens Marathon (fingers crossed)

  3. I have only broke down and bought race day pictures once but it was so worth it, it was by far my favorite race! Great Pics.!

    1. Thanks! What race did you get them for? I think the only other ones I may consider buying are the ones for my first full in October :)


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