Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sweat, Smiles & Stapes...

I'm babysitting my niece and nephew tonight, but when they got to my house I still hadn't completed my daily run. So once they finished eating and I got them settled I decided to take advantage of the "downtime" and run my mile. It was slow and felt like a struggle, but I'm glad I was able to finish it...

Then I went inside and had this conversation with my niece...
Niece: You're done already?
Me: Yes, I only did a mile
Niece: You were gone for one minute
Me: Well, it was 12 minutes actually
Niece: You're sweating
Me: Thanks honey bunny, I know
Niece: Why are you sweating so much if you only ran for one minute?
Me: Twelve minutes... but it's hot outside.
Niece: Hmmm... that's a lot of sweat Aunty LeAnne
Me: Time for bed 😑.
(I'm just kidding about that last one 😂)

Prior to the run and my niece's evaluation of my sweat production, I had a somewhat productive day at work. I'm putting the final touches on my poster and it will soon be ready for the "grand reveal". It's really coming together though and I'm excited for the opportunity to share the non-accidental trauma (child abuse) guideline that I worked so tirelessly on. I think that all nurses have a set of patients that they feel really passionate about advocating for. I've been a Pediatric ER & Trauma nurse (in some capacity) over the past 12 years and it's been both rewarding and heartbreaking. Accidents happen and sometimes kids get hurt... that's just a reality of the world we live in. But when a child is intentionally injured by an adult who should be caring for them... that's a problem. Anyway, once the poster is completely ready the image will be sharper, but until then...
(this is the general layout so far)

After work I shared an artistic self portrait in my family's WhatsApp chat group...

And finally... This totally made my day today!!!
(tee hee 😉)

Tell me one thing that made you smile today.

What did you do to sweat?

What are you most passionate about at work?


  1. I've worked in child welfare my whole career! When I worked for the Child Protection Team I went out to the hospitals and some of what I saw there has stayed with me. Def the worst ignore the worst case scenarios :( You have a very tough job!!!

    That conversation with your niece is so funny!

    1. Thanks for all you do Jenny! You see the worst of humanity in our lines of work... but the people I've worked with have also shown me the best of humanity. We just have to keep fighting for those who can't protect themselves :)

  2. I didn't have any sweating at all Saturday... and I kind of had a bad day so I didn't smile that much unfortunately. Trying to turn that around today and do both :)

    My passion is not actually with what I'm doing for work right now, but it is in Sports health and fitness. I work in financial admin but last year I became a certified sports massage therapist. I'm currently doing another course to enhance those qualifications. So really, my passion lies in my hobby and one day I will make that something I can do full-time :)

    It's good that kids have an advocate like you on their side!! really tough job though - i couldn't do it. I think I'd be in tears most of the time!

    1. I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday :( I really hope today was better. It's great that you found a passion in Sports Health and Fitness! I've been considering becoming a certified running coach but I'm scared to leave my day job to do that.
      Thanks also for the kind words :) I'm grateful I have the opportunity to try and make a difference however small it may be ;)


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