Sunday, February 12, 2017

Training Tips & Sunday Specials...

Today's Training Tip: Do not eat a pint of ice cream and go to bed late the night before a long run. 

I was exhausted and sluggish for this morning's long run. I can deal with "running while tired" (I've done that before) but running while tired and loaded with 720 unnecessary sugar calories was not the best idea. In any event I got it done. I still can't figure out how to turn off the auto save feature on my Garmin vivoactive (if you happen to know please tell me because it's the most annoying thing) so my run was saved in two segments: 3.77 miles "before the restroom break" and 6.45 miles "after the restroom break" for a total of 10.22 miles:
(average pace: ~ 12:00 minutes/mile)

Overall it was a decent run (even though I felt like I was slowing Mimi down)...

And after the run I went home, took a shower, and went back to sleep for a few hours. I gave Kai strict instructions to wake me up again at 11:45am so that I didn't sleep the entire day; and when I finally got up we went for a special Mother-Daughter lunch date at one of my favorite restaurants...

They have great food but I usually stick to their salad...
(fried chicken + avocado + bacon + amazing croutons)

Then with full-to-the-brim tummies we headed over to my brother & sister-in-law's house for nephew/cousin playtime...

And niece/cousin selfie time...

I'm always amazed by how fast Ree is growing up. Just yesterday I took this picture...
(it was actually taken in 2013... but it feels like yesterday 🙈)

Race week starts tomorrow and I've been looking at the projected forecast for the race weekend. So far it's supposed to be rainy and hot (not good) so I'm mentally preparing for that from now. Even though it's race week I'll be keeping up my running streak (of course) & I'm going to try and get two solid mid-week runs completed (instead of only doing one mile a day). 

I'm counting down the days until my race weekend starts 😊. It should be busy with a lot of fun filled activities so I'm pretty excited about that. And the race itself should be fun. I didn't stick around for the post-race party last year, but this year I'll check it out (as long as my feet aren't too blistered) or at the very least spend some time on the beach...

How was your Sunday?

What's your #1 training tip (lesson learned) from your weekend long run?

What do you like the most about post-race parties?


  1. Sounds like it was an awesome run but saving in two parts would annoy me too lol.

    1. Yea :( I don't know how to turn it off. I've searched online and still don't see the option when I check my device or look on Garmin Connect. It's very frustrating.

  2. I've definitely made the mistake of eating something delicious before a long run and had to pause for a bathroom break. :S That food looks so yummy!!!

    1. lol worst mistake ever ;) The food at J Alexander's is really good. Definitely worth checking out if you ever have a chance :)


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