Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday's 5K and The Weekend...

This morning's run was the last of the distance or pace runs on the "training plan" prior to my half marathon this weekend. But to be honest I haven't really been following a strict training plan. I've just been trying to get my runs in and doing longer runs whenever possible. Not having a plan is definitely a recipe for disaster though. Each training run should have a specific purpose to help develop a specific aspect of my running. The same can be said for cross training sessions (but I've been skipping all of mine so there's not much to talk abut there). I'm still doing my running streak so even though I've been running every day, at least 3 or 4 of those days should have a training focus. For me it's easy to "decide" what type of training run I should do right as I prepare to start. But I need to train myself to go into each session with a pre-established plan and a goal for that session.

I didn't really have a pre-established plan this morning, but I was running with Jani and we both wanted to work on speed...

We followed a similar pattern to the run we did on Tuesday: run the first mile; take a 1 minute walk break; run for 0.5 miles; take a 30s - 60s walk break; run (again) for 0.5 miles. But at the end of it we were happy with our pace...
(Those are our "we feel invincible" smiles)

Our splits were pretty decent also; not quite negative splits but well within the 10 minute margin...
And there were points when I felt I could've pushed myself a little more, so hopefully I'll see that 5K time steadily decrease as I work towards a faster average pace. 

The rest of my day was spent consumed with a major project at work and my unsuccessful attempts to improve anxiety...

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I've been looking forward to my race weekend and it's finally here!!! I'm planning to do a quick run in the morning (at a steady pace) and I'll probably do the same on Saturday morning. I want to go into the race with rested legs, especially because there are supposed to be hot and humid race conditions. I'll also be hydrating as much as possible for the next few days leading up to the race. The race officials stated (in a recent email) that there will be water stations at approximately every mile or so along the course, but sometimes in the midst of the heat and humidity it's hard to make it one more meter, much less one more mile. I considered carrying water with me on the course, but I'm not 100% sure whether or not I should. What do you think?

Do you run with water during your races or do you rely on on-the-course aid stations?

What's your fastest 5K time?

(If you're not doing a running streak) How may days of running do you do each week?


  1. Good luck this weekend! The water thing for me is sort of a big deal and on my past half I carried my own water and it ended up working out great and was my best half experience!

    1. Thank you!!! Yea I've been trying to get away from having to carry water with me during a race but it may really be better. Especially with the humidity.


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