Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday's Things...

I did a plank today!!! It wasn't for very long and the middle of my back started hurting me (along my spinal column) so I'm pretty sure my form was wrong; but I did it! And it's the first of many steps to get my cross training back on track. I also ran my mile once I got home from work...

On the past couple of runs I've either run without music or while listening to a song on repeat, but tonight I listened to one of my favorite running podcasts...

For some reason I wasn't very motivated for my run today 😔. It was probably because I'm tired cause my goal today was to just get the run completed and maintain my streak...

We all go through that right? There are definitely times when the goal is to just get through the workout/run/cross training etc. It's unlikely that you'll feel excited about training all the time. Most maybe... but probably not all. Today was one of those days for me...

One of the things that made me smile today was logging into Twitter and seeing today's throwback Thursday (courtesy of That Indie Runner)...

Back in the day I did an Instagram takeover of the @thatindierunner account and also got featured on their website...

Instagram takeovers are fun! I also did one for the @inspiringwomenrunners account when I was in NY for the marathon last November...

I have four different Instagram accounts so switching back and forth between the takeover account and my personal accounts wasn't a big deal. I do remember wondering if people were getting annoyed that I was posting the same pictures on both though 😟... I may have four accounts but I don't have a repost app 🙈. 

Are you on Instagram? How many accounts do you have?

Have you ever done an Instagram takeover?

Does your back hurt you when you do planks? (any tips on how I can improve my form?)


  1. Are you running in the dark? I am terrified of running in the dark myself. But if I decide to increase my training I feel like I may need to learn how to do that... at least early in the mornings.

    I have two IG accounts.. the one I started recently that is just running stuff and my original one that auto posts to FB but I rarely use that one.

    1. I run in the dark also and I'm scared sometimes (I've had a few "incidents" with unsavory characters). I would definitely recommend a light and pepper spray etc (check to make sure you can use that legally where you live). I called my local PD recently and they said I can carry a taser... yes I have one, and yes it's purple ;)
      One of my IG accounts is @100runners (please check it out I would love to feature you if I haven't already).

    2. OMG that is so scary!! I just don't know if I can do it! I'm going to have to figure something out though because I really want to increase at least one of my mid week runs.

      Yes you featured me on there early on! :) I was @jennala9 but that reminds me I need to follow 100 runners on my new IG (@jencity9)

    3. Yes please follow! And ask your other running friends if they would like to be featured as well :) I'm always looking for runners to feature.


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