Monday, October 20, 2014

Five Random Monday Ramblings...

1. There are little things in life that remind you of how quickly time is passing by. For example...
When did this happen?!!

2. Finally, after months of wishing and finger-crossing and subliminal mind tricks.....Sanya said YES!!!!
So of course I immediately updated the Bucket List!

3. I revised my training plan for the remainder of 2014 (yes again...but to be fair I did warn you that I change my training plan a lot). The goal with the latest revision was to adjust some of my LR mileage to align with my group mileage runs (as best as I could). I also included my upcoming half marathons, more swimming in preparation for Swim Miami 2015, and a few potential running sessions during my Christmas vacation (only 9 LRs til Christmas!!!)...

4. When you become a runner, and are lucky enough to have friends that are runners, your conversations often go in weird directions. Like, it's perfectly normal for runners to talk about where, when and how often they use body glide (or Vaseline or other such delights) to prevent or minimize the degree of chafing during a long run. Or accessible bathrooms along city LR routes. Or a variety of "off the wall" topics that non-runners would probably frown upon. What are some of the weirdest things you and your running friends have talked about recently?

Apart from weird conversation topics, here are some other ways to know that you're a runner...

5. If you've been following my blog for a while you can tell that occasionally I reflect on my journey so far as a runner. Although I'm not usually this sentimental on a Monday (must be the lack of coffee) today was one of those days when I reflected on all that running has done for me, the people I've met and the friendships I've made, the places I've been, and all it takes to train to become a marathon runner (or any type of runner)...

The journey is never easy and no one can truly capture all that it entails in a motivational quote, finish line picture, post run mileage screen shot, or blog post. Training for anything requires sacrifice and marathon training epitomizes that sacrifice. You sacrifice money, time, sleep, sometimes your favorite food. All in an effort to train your body, mind and spirit to become THE runner you want to be.

People will ask you if it's worth it. Is it worth the sacrifice, the muscle soreness, the potential (or often actual) injuries? It is worth the early nights and way too early morning running sessions? Is it worth the wardrobe revisions and detailed sneaker research process?

The answer is always yes. When you reach the goal you set out to achieve. When you finish that marathon or half, 5k or 1 mile run. Whether you run it straight or complete it with intervals. When you are done...and then realize that you will never be done. When you discover that there will always be another race, another mile, another medal. You will know in your heart that it will always be worth it...and you will always be a runner.

Happy Monday!!!

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