Friday, October 10, 2014

Keep calm...never mind...It's Friday!!!!!!

I had a good run this morning. I didn't do the 3:1 ratio the entire time (mostly 2:1) but I felt good regardless. I go up in mileage for my Sunday LR so I decided to just do a 30 minute session this morning...

I'm trying to get into the habit of "sprinting" the last portion of my run...
Pace per mile breakdown...
(the first mile is always the hardest for me)

Post run pic...
(I really don't know why my pics are so blurry...I need a better phone camera)

I took time after my run to recover with my "legs up the wall" yoga pose...

In other related good news, in the form of my Panda Express fortune cookie...
(is there a Brooks Running sponsorship in my future????)

I got this Milepost quote this morning and it reflects how I truly feel about running...
It's kind of sad that it took me 33 years to discover this "way of life" but I'm glad I did :)

I teach tomorrow for most of the day (shaping future nursing professionals via student nursing skills labs) so I'm off to prepare for my teaching session. Have a great Friday!

What are your LR plans for this weekend? Any fun non-running plans?


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through the comments at HRG and had to say hello!

    I noticed in your Event Recaps that you did a race in Fort Lauderdale and that the Florida Storm Series is on your list of things to do. Do you live in South Florida? I live in Fort Lauderdale and am doing the Florida Storm Series this year! So far I'm signed up for the Fort Lauderdale half (which was my first half last year), the Miami Half and the Palm Beaches Half. I'm thinking about doing the Miami Beach Half too!

    I hope that you live in South Florida, it would be so cool to find another run blogger close to me! :)

    1. Hi Kristina! Thanks for reaching out :) I am in South Florida also! A little south of you so it would be great to connect :) If you do Miami Beach then we would be in all the same FLSS events (which would be cool because my running group is only doing PB for the 2014-2015 FLSS season).

    2. Awesome! I am looking forward to connecting at some point in the near future! Hoping we can meet at the Fort Lauderdale Half! Do you have a time goal for Fort Lauderdale? I just finished my first full marathon last Sunday so I'm probably going to take it really easy - not sure what I'll be aiming for yet, but I hope to PR at Palm Beaches!

    3. I'm hoping to beat the time from the Zooma Chicago Half that I did in August (2:54:10) and then hoping that PB will better and I'll be able to continue to shave off minutes with each half coming up.My ultimate dream race is the full Chicago marathon next year (and then Athens Greece in 2016). Sent you an email via your blog re connecting

    4. Hmm I am really sorry but I didn't receive it! I will take that contact form down!

      My email address is :) Looking forward to hearing from you and connecting for a run!


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