Sunday, October 19, 2014

You know you had a great run when...

You know you had a great run when:
1. You still have water at the end of your run (proving that you were either well hydrated before or it wasn't too humid)
2. Your water is still cold at the end of your run (proving that insulated bottles actually do what they are supposed to do)
3. You didn't need your energy chews (proving that great company is enough to sustain you through a 7 mile mile 8 it might have been a different story because I was starting to fade away after a while)

This morning's run was with my group. I realized today that I haven't been a very good group representative because I haven't posted a lot of pictures showcasing the Memorial Milers (that's our group name)...

While waiting for the group to start I took my usual weekly pics of the morning sunrise...

The group (aka the "Milers") normally has a pre-run mini meeting to review the route and to go over a few reminders and tips for hydration, fuel, warm-up/cool-down, pacing etc...

The interval groups have a staggered start with the 8:1's leading the trail...followed by the 5:1 group, then 4:1 group, then finally the 3:1 group (that's the interval ratio that I've been sticking with for the past several weeks). There is also a 2:1 group, 1:1 group and our fearless walkers.

The time and miles flew by this morning. Whoever first said that running with great company makes you forget that you're exercising didn't lie...ok well maybe they lied a little because I still felt muscle soreness and my right shoulder was very very painful, but running with others makes you overlook that stuff (if I had been by myself I may have stopped and focused on the pain and then felt sorry for myself that I didn't stick with it and complete my mileage).

I passed a few people on their bikes blasting music through their "bike speakers" and it reminded me of this...
I always thought that quote was funny. It's a great song...never really got the whole "eye of the tiger" thing...I'm more of a panther fan myself.

A few running summary pics (posted for you to help keep me accountable)...

Pace per mile breakdown...

I tried not to run too far ahead of the group but with my "eye of the panther" motivation I ended up being about 0.3 miles ahead. I think I will have to start transitioning to the 4:1 or 5:1 group soon. Until then, I will stick with the 3:1 group and focus on building the endurance to transition during my mid-week runs.

I saw this quote on twitter (@oiselle) and "borrowed" it...
I love motivational quotes that also have the element of providing good advice: Never go out too fast. Never give up.

It was the "greatest brother in the world" 's birthday yesterday so we are taking him out to eat dinner later. A few days ago Kaiyu asked me "what are we getting Uncle Mark for his birthday?" and I was tempted to remind her that he already has the greatest sister in the world (me...obviously) so what more could he want? But, in my struggling efforts to grow some humility, I decided to get him a gift card instead. 

How was your LR this weekend?
Any great sunrise views? motivational quotes? or energizing company?


  1. Keep up the good work! I ran my first (and only) marathon two years ago, and the long runs were SOOO much better with a running buddy. If you can, find a friend who is in better shape with you to do your long runs with- they'll be able to carry more of the conversation and will all be able to keep you accountable when you start to get tired without pushing you too hard. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you Jess! I'm hoping to move up to a more challenging group soon to help me improve. Are you going to do any more marathons soon?


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