Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hydrating & Stranger Things...

Well the day before my 20th half marathon is finally here and the race directors have issued a heat advisory...
(juuuust great 😑)

I took it easy for most of the day. I hydrated, got some rest, and started watching a new Netflix series...

But prior to spending the day relaxing in bed, I did one of my fastest 1 mile runs in over a year...
(a 9:31 min/mile pace!!! 😀)

I really hope I continue to see improvements in my running. And I really think I will once I start adding different components to my overall training plan and eating better. Not a strict diet like I used to fixate on, but rather just making better food choices. 

Since traditionally the day before a race would dictate carb-heavy meals, I started the day with crunchy french toast (they were not good 😒) and ended the day with tasty Peruvian food (it was a shrimp dish but I had all most of my rice 😊). In addition to the food, the company was amazing and the live "one-man-band" was awesome...

I'm pretty set for my half marathon tomorrow. Even with the heat advisory I've decided not to run with water, but to just rely on the water along the course (which should be stationed at every mile). But I'll hydrate before I start (throughout the race) and immediately after. 

It will be an early morning tomorrow (3:15am wake up call; 4:30am arrival to start; 6:00am race start time) but I'm hoping for a great race day and looking forward to relaxing after my 13.1 mile run 😎.

How was your Saturday?

Have you ever had Peruvian food? What's your favorite dish?

What's your favorite Netflix Originals series?


  1. There used to be a Peruvian place by a place I worked. They had a garlic shrimp that was amazing. The place never had too much traffic and it closed, which was a shame because it was delicious food. Good luck on your race!

    1. Thank you! The garlic shrimp looked good too but I opted for a different shrimp dish (can't remember the name but it was amazing!) it's too bad the restaurant by you closed down :(

  2. Good luck tomorrow!! I didn't know anything about the heat! Be safe! I will be doing a 10k at 7:00 am... I wonder if being just an hour or so north will make that much of a difference in temp??

    1. Thanks! Hopefully the heat won't be too bad for your 10K. Good luck!!!


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