Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Random Wednesday Ramblings...

It's finally Wednesday! It's the middle of the week so the countdown to the weekend can officially begin!!! My morning included this Kodak moment on my way to work...
(I just love the sunrise in the backdrop of this fog filled field)

Prior to heading to work, I did a 3 mile run with Andy... 

And then once I got to work I went in desperate search of coffee...
(source: somewhere in my IG feed)

Lucky for me I finally worked (drank) my way to a free coffee specialty drink this morning...

With all of the planning for my race this weekend (and for the weekend in general) I forgot to tell you guys that I finished my ZOOMA Love Challenge on Sunday! I posted my "finisher pic" to the ZOOMA Facebook page when I was done and they just happened to share it yesterday 😊...
(I cropped the pic because I didn't want to just randomly post pics of the others without asking 😉)

Today is Day 46 of my running streak (which is going well so far) and my race calendar is filling up. The most recent addition will be with members of my running group at the Optime 5K...

This race has one of the best 5K medals I've seen in a while...
(the medal from last year)

How was your training today?

Are you a coffee lover?

What's your favorite race distance? (the 5K happens to be my least favorite)


  1. I'm sitting at Starbucks right now! I looove coffee lol.

    That is definitely a nice 5k medal!

    I signed up for the space Coast Half yesterday... that is the furthest out I've ever signed up for a race lol.

    1. Yay another coffee lover!!! :)
      I've wanted to do the Optime 5K for a while but it always conflicted with a race in the past. But this year I registered early enough ;)
      I hear Space Coast is a great race! What else are you running this year?


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