Sunday, February 26, 2017

Just A Few Words...

Today was a pretty quiet day. My niece and nephew and I were up late because my noisy neighbors decided that they didn't need to respect the sleep time hours of the rest of the complex. By the time we fell asleep it was after midnight. So this morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed for breakfast, and then played games on the stairs in between "let's wake up Kai" sessions (none of which were successful 😕). The kids had a great time though...
And after they went home I spent most of the rest of the day in bed catching up on the sleep that eluded me last night. 

I also spent some time at the local running store looking at night lights. Then I came home and waited for the sun to set so I could go on my long run...

The "long run" ended up being only 2.2 miles...

It's hard to do a long run at the end of the day when you're still exhausted from not getting enough sleep. It was also pretty dark in sections of the route I ran and I wasn't able to get the night light I wanted so I had extra motivation to cut my run short. 

Race week #3 for 2017 starts tomorrow! I'm looking forward to another race and another medal 😊.

How was your Sunday?

How many miles was your long run?

Do you have noisy neighbors or are they nice normal people?


  1. Race weeks are always fun!

    I still can't get over all the running in the dark you do! I really need to figure that out and get more comfortable with it so I can start increasing my long runs.

    1. If there a running path or route that other people are on near you? It's a lot easier when you know you're not the only one out there. And also (if you run with music) don't drown out the surrounding noise. You can always start with heading out just 15 minutes earlier (or later) until you get more comfortable ;)


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