Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lazy Saturday...

I spent more time in bed today than I did out of bed... catching up on sleep and my Hulu shows...
(It was definitely a lazy Saturday, but we all need those once in a while)

Because I spent most of the day in bed I didn't get through all the "things to do" stuff that I needed to today. I was supposed to go shopping for conference attire (my job's Trauma Symposium is next week and the only things I have to wear are the exact outfits I wore last year 🙈). Also on the list was a trip to Target for a pair of shoes I wanted to get. And somewhere between the dreaded shopping stuff I "needed" to go to the supermarket because Kai "needed" jello 😐. 

I'm going to put off the clothes shopping until tomorrow (I'll do anything to avoid shopping so delaying it a day actually makes me happy 😊) and after my run (in a few hours) I'll make the essential trip to Publix to obtain some life sustaining jello for my teenager. 

With all the time I spent lounging around today, you would think I'd take advantage of getting my blog post done early. But, alas, you would be wrong. I thought about it a lot. I thought "I really should be working on my blog post right now" but my heart just wasn't in the right frame of mind earlier...

I'm still searching for more runners to feature on my @100runners Instagram account...
I put out this "calling all runners" request ever so often and usually hear back from one or two runners that would like to be featured. I'm hoping to hear from more soon because once I get to 100 runners I can move on to the second question 😉.

Did you have a lazy or busy Saturday?

What shows are you watching on Hulu or Netflix right now?

Why do you run? (leave a comment or send an email to to be featured!)

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