Thursday, August 14, 2014

Epic Training Battles

The tale of the famous Time vs Distance debate. 

I was reading this article on regarding the following question: Should you run for time or for distance when you are training?

The author gets feedback from well known coaches who spout the pros and cons of either approach. The bottom line seems to be: your focus should depend on what level of training you have reached. Newer runners should probably focus more on time (increasing the running duration over time helps develop a solid foundation of fitness and endurance); while advanced runners can spend more time focusing on distance. Regardless of the approach, the author states "don't be a slave to numbers" (really good advice).

On the Jeff Galloway training plan (and the modified version that I follow) there is a combo of the two, which I have come to enjoy. The mid-week runs are based on time and the weekend LR is based on distance. It's a great way to combine the best of both worlds.

My mid week sessions are 30mins, which (when calculated at my current pace) doesn't take me very far. But as I get stronger and develop that foundation core strength, I know I will be able to cover a greater distance in that 30minute time frame. I try not to focus on my Runtastic app when I do my mid week sessions and just keep my interval app open on my phone screen. When I used to run the 30 minutes straight I would just keep the timer/stopwatch running (seeing the minutes count down was awesome!)

Pre-injury I was almost close to running 5Ks in that time

Post injury I'm covering about 2.4miles or so.

Today was a cardio day! (I'm mustering up as much enthusiasm as I can). I did:
Elliptical x 20mins
Upright bike x 20mins
Stair climber x 20mins
(no fun blurry pics of exercise machines today, sorry folks)

Today's entertainment comprised of:
(new show)
And one of my new favorites...
(watched old episodes)
I try and post these screen shots so you don't have to spend a lot of time searching for great entertainment options on your gym days (you're welcome).

On a completely tangential note: I'm contemplating whether or not I should pay for the race photos from the Zooma Half in Chicago. I'm having a hard time justifying the purchase of pictures where I look like I'm dying (those memories are seared into my brain anyway). However, there is one of me and my dad that I definitely will get...

As much as I will never forget that my dad flew to Chicago to surprise me and practically completed the course himself just so he could take pictures (and videos) of me along the way, a race day photo of us together is definitely worth the cost!

Do you focus on running for time or for distance during your training program? What do you prefer?
How often do you treat yourself to race day photos?

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