Saturday, August 2, 2014

I DID IT!!!!!

Right now my entire body is in pain. I am going to do an official race recap on Monday for you but I wanted to post a few thoughts and pics about my FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!!

First, I have the most amazing support team of family and friends. Everyone has been so great! But nothing compares to my dad coming to Chicago last night to surprise me!!!!! I was close to tears when he called to let me know he was here and would meet me in the lobby in the morning. I am beyond grateful for him coming and being here with me. My half would not have been as amazing if he was not there.

I have a few pictures to show an overview of the day (until I do my more detailed review and recap on Monday)

This is me by the pace marker (they didn't have a 13min/mile sign so I started behind the 12min group)

My Dad...ready to run the course too :)

My pacer (who went way too fast!....I ended up falling behind and just stuck to 13mins/mile as much as I could)

My times at the 10K mark and at the finish (they sent time posts via text message which was great!)

My phone died and I lost all the tracking info on my Runtastic app :( so I am going by the timing info on the text messages.

I am emotionally and physically drained right now. I can't put into words how great it feels to have accomplished this goal (on my way to the full marathon goal).

I really want to say thank you to all my family and friends. I got text messages and whatsapp messages of support before the event and my family sent me messages of love and support all throughout the race (well until my phone died) and they kept coming in after. I love you all! Thank you so much!

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