Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend withdrawals...

This really should have been a long weekend. Today was just one of those days (anybody had one of those days today?) But, on the bright side, it's almost over!

I decided to stick with my traditional Monday rest day (even though I ran on Saturday so technically I could have gone to the gym this morning). Tomorrow will be my gym cardio day and then I run again on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the day when I can run without knee pain (maybe Wednesday will be that day).

Today my knee has been "bothersome", with a few occasional "twinges" if I step awkwardly. This is going to be my new pain scale to judge how I am feeling...

I'm trying to find ways to enjoy my cardio workouts at the gym more. With "increasing endurance" as one of my goals for the rest of the year, I will be doing a lot of cardio gym work. It's not that I find them difficult but rather I find them boring (I've been told that's because I'm not working out hard enough, but that came from someone who NEVER works out so I'm choosing to ignore that comment...even if there is some truth to it).

I usually have my phone with me so I can either listen to music or watch a show on my ABC or NBC apps. Last week I was watching Last Comic Standing (#Rodman) while I did my 30 mins on the upright bike, and the time flew by. Tomorrow I will have to find something equally entertaining to watch.
(That's really great motivation just by itself)

Today has been a "serenity prayer" type of day for a very close friend of mine. So as a result it's been that type of day for me too. Kai and I went to spend a few hours with her today. Sometimes life throws you curve-balls, and it's hard to take the next step forward without support (and a ton of prayer). Anyway, she has been on my mind and on my heart so today's blog is kind of short as a result. I found this quote (below) in my quest for different types of running motivation, and it kind of sums up the day...

What are the ways you get rid of your "Monday blues"?
Any "evening runners" use their after work run sessions to get rid of the stress of the day?

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